Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee

Regents Jewell (Chair), Brotman, Cole, Kiga, Proctor

Thursday, October 19, 2006
10:00 - 11:25 a.m.
Room 142, Gerberding Hall

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1. Grant and Contract Awards - July and August, 2006 Action F-2
  Weldon E. Ihrig, Executive Vice President
2. Extension of Appointments of Insurance Brokers of Record Action F-3
  Elizabeth A. Cherry, Director, Risk Management
3. Purchase - Angiography Systems Action F-4
  Kerry L. Kahl, Senior Director, Strategic Sourcing
4. Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority Information F-5

Richard Chapman, Associate V.P. for Capital Projects

5. UWMC & UWHSC AA/BB/RR Wings Fire Alarm Replacement - Engineer Appointment Action F-6
  Richard Chapman
6. Consolidated Bagley Lab Projects - Establish Budget / Delegate Authority for Contract Award Action F-7
  Richard Chapman
Olivia Yang, Director, Special Group, Capital Projects Office
7. Seattle Campus - SPU Pump Station Generator Serving Foege Building Action F-8
  Jeanette L. Henderson, Director of Real Estate
8. UW Tacoma Assembly Hall - Project Presentation Action F-9
  Richard Chapman
Olivia Yang
9. Capital Projects Semi Annual Report Information F-10
  Richard Chapman
10. Appointment of External Auditors Action F-11
  Maureen Rhea, Director of Audits, Internal Audits
Ann Anderson, Assistant Vice President Financial Management and Controller
11. UW Medicine Board Financial Update Information F-12
  Orin Smith, Chair, UW Medicine Board
Bruce Ferguson, Associate Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Office of the Vice President for Medical Affairs
12. UW Tower (SAFECO) Update Information F-15
  Weldon E. Ihrig
Gary R. Quarfoth, Interim Vice Provost for Planning and Budgeting
13. Report of Contributions, August 2006 Information F-1
  Walter G. Dryfoos, Associate V.P., Advancement Services, Development & Alumni Relations
Connie Kravas, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
14. UWINCO Update Information F-13
  Keith Ferguson, Chief Investment Officer
15. Consolidated Endowment Fund Information F-14
  Keith Ferguson
16. Other Business Information