Board of Regents

Presenting Information at Meetings of the Board of Regents

When speaking before the Board, your presentation should be to the point and flow logically. Below is a suggested format:

  1. State your name and position, if appropriate.
  2. State the topic and give context.
  3. State if regents should ask questions during the presentation or they should hold their questions for the end of the presentation (Please note, the Committee or Board chair may state this at beginning of your agenda item).
  4. State up-front what you want the regents to do. (Is the topic “for information” or “for board action”?)
    • If it is “for action” state what action the Board is expected to take.
    • If it is “for information” state what the expected outcome is.
      • Is it something interesting to know?
      • Are you looking for direction or feed-back? Before the administration goes further (e.g., “we are looking for your direction on __________.”)
  5. Outline what will be presented today and what questions are posed for discussion.
    • Presentation should be clear and concise.
    • If there are three or four topics, deal with them separately, one at a time, and do not confuse them.
    • Presentation should include a brief history of item (give general background information down to specific information for the item).
    • If this topic went to the Board at a previous meeting, summarize what happened.
    • Explain options, if any, you considered in analyzing your issue. (You did your homework as you looked at the issue and here is what you considered.)
    • Summarize and give administration’s recommendations.