Population Health

December 13, 2017

HydroShare allows better analysis of extreme weather events and water scarcity

HydroShareHydroShare, an online collaborative environment for sharing water-related data, allows researchers to better analyze extreme weather events and water scarcity such as hurricanes, flooding and droughts. The HydroShare research team, which includes University of Washington researchers from the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, recently received a $4 million National Science Foundation grant to fund enhancements to this tool.

HydroShare was first deployed in 2015 and is used by more than 1,500 researchers and students to share hydrologic data and models with the goal to solve water-related problems more efficiently. HydroShare goes beyond sharing research findings in scientific publications by encouraging researchers to share data they collected or modeled in a study to help address both global and local water-related issues.

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