About OEA

The University of Washington's Office of Educational Assessment provides a variety of evaluation and assessment services to the University community and outside agencies.

We offer nationally recognized course evaluation, testing, and test scoring services, and pride ourselves on our accuracy, responsiveness and timeliness. Our research staff are specialists in quantitative and qualitative methods, and collaborate with UW faculty and staff to create effective assessment strategies, particularly in the areas of assessment of college outcomes, program evaluation, and survey research.

The OEA main office is located four blocks west of the UW Seattle campus, with additional locations in Schmitz and Mary Gates Halls. Fees are established relative to cost of service, and project estimates are provided in advance. Services are available to organizations and agencies outside of the UW with the addition of an overhead charge.

Our Values

  • Professional Integrity: We carry out our responsibilities ethically and in accordance with the standards of our professions.
  • Accuracy: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy, reliability, and validity in providing information and services to our clients inside and outside the University. To this end, we value systematic quality control, clear verbal and written communication, thorough training, and continuous improvement of workflow practices.
  • Innovation: We value creativity, flexibility, and resourcefulness in our daily work. We both create and use new knowledge, approaches, and solutions.
  • Collaboration: We work together and with others to capitalize on our diversity of skills and knowledge, to share ideas and workload, and to draw on each other's personal strengths.
  • Positive Workplace: We strive for fairness, shared decision-making, respect for diversity, sensitivity toward others, and humor in our workplace.