UW News

December 15, 2015

New options for working parents and caregivers at the UW

Director, WorkLife and Childcare Development, UW Human Resources

University of Washington working parents and caregivers balancing responsibilities at work and home will soon have more choices.

To offset the waitlists parents experience at UW’s four child care centers, new full-time care options will be available in January at designated Bright Horizons and KinderCare centers. Enrollment priority will be offered by both centers and tuition discounts will offered by KinderCare.

UW families looking for child care before and after school for school age children will find 10 percent savings year round through the Champions program.

Additionally, parents will find center based backup care and in-home sick child care. These options help parents fill the gaps when a regular caregiver is unavailable, a child’s school is closed, or a child is mildly ill. The in-home care extends to elder care needs as well.

Low cost, in-home sick child care and elder care, and backup care are available through Bright Horizons. KinderCare also offers back-up care. Registration in advance is recommended, and caregivers can choose locations throughout the Puget Sound and nationwide. Bright Horizons offers up to five uses for per calendar year, and KinderCare offers up to 10 uses per calendar year.

Visit the UW WorkLife pages at on-site Childcare at UW, Off-site Childcare, and Back-up & Sick Childcare pages for more information.

These new services are part of the Childcare Access Initiative, which is working closely with the Office of the Provost to increase both parental choice and child care capacity at the University.