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May 11, 2011

Mystery Photo: How well do you know the campus?

The Percussion Ensemble will perform May 29 in Meany Studio Theater.

Where are we? The photo (top left) was taken somewhere on campus.  You tell us where, and be specific.  The name of a building is not enough. You must tell us, for example, that it is the southwest side of the building, or the path in front the building, or whatever.

The names of all those with the correct answer will be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate donated by the University Book Store.  Send your entry by e-mail to uwtoday@uw.edu along with your name and department.  The deadline is 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 17.  Well give away one prize per quarter.

The Percussion Ensemble will perform May 29 in Meany Studio Theater.

Last issues answer: Our last Mystery Photo (bottom left) was of the path behind Fluke Hall and UW Club, a location that many people recognized. Here is a list of correct guessers:

Thomas Berg, Campus Engineering

Katie Savoie, Facilities Services

Danel Phelps, Management Accountin and Analysis

        Dana P. Miller, Facilities Services

          Dave Drischell, Chemical Engineering

            Tom Pittsford, Campus Engineering

              Mickey Kelsey, Facilities Services

                Jen Lehner, The Graduate School

                  Amanda Black, Capital Projects

                    Kim Wisecup, Capital Projects

                      Laura Harrington, Honors Program

                        Grant Marchelli, Mechanical Engineering

                          Denis Martynowych, Planning & Budgeting

                            Megan Ingram, College of Engineering

                              Shane Sobotka, Capital Projects

                                Ellen Barker, Mechanical Engineering

                                Linda Whang, UW Libraries

                                  Lindsay Michimoto, Computer Science & Engineering

                                    Mel DeSart, Engineering Library

                                      Dale Lyman, Facilities Services

                                        Jon Lebo, Capital Projects

                                          Randy Everett, Capital Projects

                                            Mark K. Murray, Computer Science & Engineering

                                              John Wetzel, Capital Projects

                                                Marta Collins, Hall Health

                                                    Erin Wilson, Cardiac Transplant Service

                                                    Raymond J. Larson, Facilities Services