UW News

February 23, 2011

Robinson Center offers summer programs for young scholars

The UWs Robinson Center for Young Scholars will offer summer programs for fifth- to 10th-grade students.

In the centers Challenge program, fifth- and sixth-graders spend their summer on the UWs campus taking classes like the The Meaning of Life, in which kids study Monty Python, Harry Potter, The Matrix, and the Chronicles of Narnia to gain insight into important philosophical issues, and Puget Sound 2050, a class that combines chemistry, ecology, research, writing and theater production to help students understand the past and analyze the future of the Puget Sound region.

Older students may enroll in Summer Stretch, a series of accelerated classes designed to provide intensive instruction in a fast-paced curriculum.  Stretch students build robots in Physics: Rockets & Robotics and investigate the unusual number systems of the ancient Egyptians in Mathematical Mysteries.

Qualifying scores on the MSP or ACT/SAT are required to enroll in any of these programs.  Tuition is $910 for Challenge and $890 for Stretch (financial assistance is available).  Please go to the Robinson center website for more information.