UW News

April 13, 2006

Olympic Natural Resources Center brings research review to campus

The Olympic Natural Resources Center, located in Forks on the Olympic Peninsula, is bringing its annual research review to the main campus for the first time this year. Pioneering estuary-restoration tools, the latest conservation strategies for marbled murrelets and salmon and other of the most promising research projects now underway will be featured, according to John Calhoun, director of the center.

The review Tuesday, April 18, is free and open to the members of the campus and public. Running from 9:20 a.m. until 3 p.m., titles of the nine presentations can be found at http://www.onrc.washington.edu/.

Research conducted through the center aims to provide the science on which to base forestry and the marine industries so they are sustainable while providing ecological values important to us all, Calhoun says. One speaker next week, for example, will talk about how harvesting trees from along streams influences the chemistry of headwater streams. Another will talk about biological control of a kind of invasive cordgrass that has spread so widely it is threatening productive clam and oyster beds and habitat used by migratory wildfowl and fish.

The center is operated by the UW College of Forest Resources and the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences.

For more information about the review, contact Ellen Matheny, director of education and outreach, 206-685-9477 or ematheny@u.washington.edu.