UW News

November 3, 2005

Read all about it: Campus crime down in 2004

The University Police have released their breakdown of campus crime statistics for the calendar year 2004, and have made the report available to all online.

Highlighting this year’s numbers is a continued decrease in campus crime, said Assistant Police Chief Ray Wittmier, and an increase in the areas covered by the report. At the request of the Department of Education, Wittmier said, crime numbers for Harborview Medical Center will now be included among the totals for “non-campus buildings.” Statistics for the main campus remain in the category “campus buildings.”

University Week reported on campus crime numbers back in June, and you can read that story here.

The card you received in the campus mail recently with the message “What You Should Know” is your invitation to read the Campus Crime Report online. You may also request a copy by contacting the UW Police’s Crime Prevention Officer, 1117 NE Boat St., Seattle WA 98105 or by calling 206-543-9338. You may also read the report in pdf form at http://www.washington.edu/admin/police/what_to_know.pdf.