UW News

January 28, 2004

Four UW electrical engineers awarded one of discipline’s highest honors

Four faculty members in the University of Washington’s Department of Electrical Engineering have been elected fellows of in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, bringing the total number of IEEE fellows in the department to 22.

“This is the highest rank that a member can achieve and it recognizes outstanding and unique contributions to our field,” said Bruce Darling, professor and acting chair of the department. “Now, with these latest inclusions, roughly half of our faculty members are fellows. I think that speaks to the high quality of our programs in electrical engineering.”

The new fellows are:

· Denice D. Denton, professor and dean of the College of Engineering, for leadership in engineering education and faculty mentoring.

· Les E. Atlas, professor, for contributions to time-varying spectral analysis and acoustical signal processing.

· Yasuo Kuga, professor, for contributing to backscattering enhancement and imaging in geophysical testing.

· Evan L. Goldstein, affiliate professor, for contributions to optical communications.


For more information, contact Darling at (206) 616-0959 or bdarling@ee.washington.edu.

High-resolution photographs of the fellows are available on the Web, as follows:
Denton: http://www.washington.edu/newsroom/news/images/ddd.jpg
Atlas: http://www.washington.edu/newsroom/news/images/latlas.jpg
Kuga: http://www.washington.edu/newsroom/news/images/ykuga.jpg
Goldstein: http://www.washington.edu/newsroom/news/images/egoldstein.jpg