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August 26, 1998

$170.3 Million in Private Support for UW Sets New Record

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The University of Washington received $170.3 million in private gifts and grants during the 1997-98 fiscal year, a new record. Gifts alone were $84.8 million, the second highest total in University history.

The majority of gifts, nearly 55 percent, came from individuals. Alumni contributed $21.6 million; another $18.5 million was given by faculty, staff, or friends; and $6.2 million came from estates. Gifts from corporations totaled $26.2 million, while $9.6 million came from foundations and $2.7 million from other private organizations.

“Gifts like these help us to retain top faculty, provide scholarships or fellowships to great students, support research, and serve the people who depend on us to be an outstanding university,” says Marilyn Dunn, vice president for development.

Dunn cited two examples of the difference gifts make at the University.

Earlier this year, the University announced that $1.5 million had been given or pledged to create the Tacoma Next Step Scholars Endowment. The gifts will provide full scholarships for top graduates from six regional community colleges to attend the UW Tacoma. “This was a wonderful example of civic and business leaders investing in the future of Tacoma,” said Dunn. “They are providing access to a UW education for students who might not otherwise be able to attend.”
Among the University’s corporate partners, Intel and Microsoft long have been leaders. Intel is contributing $5.9 million in computer equipment and service to the University of Washington as part of its Technology for Education 2000 Program. The Intel equipment will be used by faculty and students in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Medicine, and the College of Engineering. It also will serve the entire University through better administrative computing, electronic mail, and other networking needs. Microsoft Corporation has to date contributed half a million dollars worth of software to go with the new equipment.
For additional information, contact Marilyn Dunn, vice president for development, 206-543-2565.