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*Formerly part of the University Handbook
Presidential Orders

Executive Order

No. 16

The Board of Deans and Chancellors

1. The deans, the chancellors, and the Vice Provost for UW Continuum College shall meet on a regularly scheduled basis under the co-chairmanship of the Provost and an elected member of the Board to consider matters of special interest related to educational policy and administrative processes and to review consequences of operations under the Presidential Orders, the Faculty Code and Governance, the Student Governance and Policies, and the Employment and Administrative Policies. The Board of Deans and Chancellors is encouraged to submit to the President as a consequence of such review any reports or recommendations it considers useful and necessary for the welfare of the University and the better achievement of its objectives.

2. As described in Executive Order No. II, the deans and chancellors share with the faculty and the President the responsibility for the formulation of rules for the immediate governance of the University under such resolutions and executive orders as the Board of Regents and the President from time to time may adopt or issue.

June 1, 1972; February 21, 1978; June 29, 1995; January 9, 2006; May 9, 2007; RC, September 29, 2017.

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