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New Format for Newsletter

To keep consistent with Human Resources communications, the OWLS Support Team has moved to an HTML email format for the OWLS newsletter. We hope that this encourages your reading by providing the content in the text of your email.

Please let us know what you think about the new format by completing this quick poll.

Job Class Code Discrepancies

Over the last two months, the OWLS Support Team asked departments to correct job class code discrepancies between OWLS and the payroll system. Many thanks to those of you who promptly took action to correct these discrepancies!

The total number of discrepancies has decreased by 63 percent. Unfortunately, over 450 discrepancies remain. We have begun reminding departments that these outstanding errors need to be corrected. It is vital that this be done as soon as possible to ensure that employees' official UW payroll and leave records are accurate and that employees receive the proper accruals and business rules. As always, we are available to assist with any questions.

240 Rule Messaging

Along with our OWLS programmer, we have been at work improving messages about the annual leave maximum for classified staff and annual leave considerations for professional staff.

You should now see the following:

  • More timely yellow warning messages in OWLS whenever a classified employee's annual leave balance approaches or exceeds 240 hours.
  • A yellow warning message in OWLS whenever a professional staff employee meets or exceeds 240 hours of annual leave.
  • The text of these warning messages in the employee and supervisor's PERMs.

Please review the messages and take appropriate action. We hope that the additional notification in the PERM will help employees and supervisors better manage the annual leave balance.

Feel free to share this information with OWLS supervisors in your area.

Moving to OWLS from Another Leave Record System

Be sure to be careful when setting up OWLS records for employees whose leave records start out on OWLS, then move to a different leave record system, and back to OWLS without a break.

During record set up, OWLS will automatically pick up where the last OWLS record ended, with the ending leave balances the employee had when their prior OWLS record was ended. These balances will, of course, not be accurate for the new appointment.

To prevent this error, you will want to enter current balances, so remember to click "No" during record setup when OWLS asks whether to use previously stored OWLS balances. When you receive the balances from the previous employing department, use them to edit the record to insert the correct, current balances.


Bustin' myths one newsletter at a time.

Myth #1

Once an OWLS record is ended within your payroll unit code (PUC), it can never be accessed again.

BUSTED! All ended records in your PUC can easily be accessed! On the OWLS home page, click the “Include prior records” checkbox listed under “Choose an action” when searching your PUC, and almost like magic, there they are!

Myth #2

Compensatory (comp) time accrued cannot be used until the month after it was earned.

BUSTED! Comp time earned can be used as soon as the day after which it is earned.

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