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OWLS Home Page


About OWLS

The UW Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) is a computerized, post-entry review tracking system that is used throughout the University as the official record of leave-bearing employees' hours worked and leave time earned and used. Some units, including most medical center departments, however, use authorized alternative systems.

OWLS is an electronic work/leave record, which is

Departments may use OWLS for the following types of employees, provided the employees have appointments greater than 50% FTE:

OWLS is not used for non-leaving bearing employment types like faculty, graduate students, and hourly employees.

OWLS User Roles

Many people play a role in maintaining accurate and timely records of hours worked, leave earned, and overtime pay accrued.

What OWLS Can Do

What OWLS Does Not Yet Do

Official Record of Work and Leave

OWLS records are to be available for audit by authorized persons. The University reserves the right to correct errors that may require payment by either the employee or the University to balance the account.


Request OWLS System Access or Removal

Most department administrators are authorized to grant and remove OWLS timekeeper and administrator access for their unit(s). Check with your administrator if you require access.

If your department's administrator is not authorized to grant access, he/she should request OWLS system access or access removal by completing the appropriate online form below:


OWLS User Guide for Timekeepers, Administrators, and Supervisors
Use the links on the left to find procedural help for actions in OWLS.

The Employee Leave Information page provides links to leave information for librarians, classified, classified non-union, and professional staff.

OWLS Training System Login
If you have obtained access to OWLS and would like to try out the functions in a safe environment that will not affect any employee’s real work/leave record, you should practice in the OWLS Training System.

OWLS Newsletter - "Who Wants to Know?"
This quarterly newsletter provides helpful information about frequently asked OWLS questions.

Get Answers to your Questions – AskOWLS Frequently Asked Questions
This link takes you to a page where you will have three options:


The Time and Leave Glossary provides definitions for common leave and timekeeping related terms.

Do you still need help? Email OWLS Support staff at