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UW-IT Metrics

UW-IT continuously gathers, interprets and shares data to track performance and solve complicated IT challenges in support of the University’s mission. The metrics showcased below are a few examples of how UW-IT is using data to regularly measure its performance in key areas. See how we did during a pandemic year.

Customer Service & Support Operational Metrics

The mission of UW-IT’s Customer Service & Support (CSS) division is to consistently deliver a positive customer experience and to serve as an advocate for customer needs across the University. CSS supports about 70 percent of the approximately 19,000 monthly customer requests submitted to UW-IT via phone (206-221-5000) and email (help@uw.edu). CSS utilizes two key performance indicators to track its customer service performance in support of its customer-focused mission:

First Response Achievement

This metric measures the percentage of newly submitted Requests or Incidents submitted by a customer that are responded to by CSS staff within the time standards shown below. The overall target for this metric is 80 percent.

Request First Response Criteria: Incident First Response Criteria:
Priority 3 (Urgent) – 3 Business Hours Priority 1(Critical) – 2 Hours (24×7)
Priority 4 (Elevated) – 6 Business Hours Priority 2 (High) – 4 Hours (24×7)
Priority 5 (Standard) – 1 Business Day Priority 3 (Moderate) – 1 Business Day
Priority 4 (Low) – 2 Business Days
Priority 5 (Lowest) – 5 Business Days

Customer Update Achievement

This metric measures whether CSS staff are keeping the customer informed about the progress of their Request or Incident once the first response has been completed, using the standards shown below. The overall target for this metric is 80 percent:

Request Customer Update Criteria: Incident Customer Update Criteria:
Priority 3 (Urgent) – 5 Business Days Priority 1(Critical) – 2 Hours (24×7)
Priority 4 (Elevated) – 5 Business Days Priority 2 (High) – 4 Hours (24×7)
Priority 5 (Standard) – 5 Business Days Priority 3 (Moderate) – 1 Business Day
Priority 4 (Low) – 2 Business Days
Priority 5 (Lowest) – 5 Business Days

How we performed during a pandemic year

The following graphs show our performance during 2020, a challenging year for everyone at the UW under COVID-19 pandemic conditions.

Overall First Response Achievement:

Overall Customer Update Achievement:


This section shows the results of the University’s Transforming Administrative Program (TAP) 2019 customer satisfaction survey for five UW-IT services.

The goal of TAP has been to encourage and promote continuous improvement in services offered by the UW’s central administration units.

To know and understand the needs of faculty, students and staff, TAP initiated a customer satisfaction survey for the Bothell, Tacoma, and Seattle campuses in February 2019, surveying more than 75,000 students, faculty and staff. Five UW-IT services were included in the survey. The table below displays a summary of how the five UW-IT services scored for each survey question and shows how those services scored compared with the average scores across all UW services included in the survey.

UW-IT Services included in 2019 TAP Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • help@uw.edu: UW-IT’s Technology Service Center provides a single point of contact to support and facilitate the IT needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • eSignature: Electronic signature, or e-signature, refers to UW-IT’s technology service and support that enables UW students, faculty and staff to sign, save and share documents in electronic form.
  • Hyak: Is an on-campus high performance computing platform for scalable scientific computing. Hyak is part of an integrated, scalable, scientific computing infrastructure operated by UW-IT.
  • Wi-Fi: UW-IT Wi-Fi service provides connectivity for students, faculty, staff, researchers and affiliated guests to the UW network and internet resources via Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • Authentication: UW-IT’s Authentication service verifies login credentials so that students, faculty, staff, applicants, alumni and members of affiliated organizations can prove who they are to online systems and applications, and so that appropriate access can be granted.

2019 Tap Survey Results for UW-IT Services:

Each of the five UW-IT services achieved a customer satisfaction rating of above 4.0 (1-5 scale) which equates to a score of “Very Satisfied” in the 2019 TAP survey as shown in the tables below. The next UW-IT campus-wide customer satisfaction survey is planned for Spring 2021.

Note: UW-IT’s goal was to achieve 4.0 score or better for each service included in the survey.

Survey Response Averages
All UW UW-IT Services Averaged help@uw.edu eSignatures Hyak Campus WiFi Authentication
Overall Experience 3.91 4.14 4.06 4.21 4.13 4.10 4.19
Understanding My Needs and Requirements 3.90 4.17 4.01 4.24 4.21 4.19 4.20
Providing Effective Online Documentation and Service Information 3.89 4.10 4.00 4.21 4.03 4.12 4.12
Responding to Requests of Problems Within an Acceptable Time 3.93 4.14 4.11 4.21 4.15 4.10 4.14
Courteous, Professional Staff 4.19 4.27 4.28 4.28 4.26 4.27 4.27
Resolving Problems Effectively 3.93 4.16 4.04 4.21 4.22 4.13 4.18
Making Changes in a Direction That Better Meets My Needs 3.82 4.10 3.99 4.25 4.12 4.06 4.08

5=Extremely Satisfied, 4=Very Satisfied, 3= Satisfied, 2=Not Very Satisfied, 1=Not at all Satisfied