UW Information Technology

UW-IT Strategy

In place of a traditional strategic plan, UW-IT has adopted a strategy management practice that engages all levels of our organization in developing and then continually updating, sharing, and aligning strategies and initiatives that connect to business outcomes. This approach enables UW-IT to respond to changes in technology and higher education while aligning our resources with the most important goals in support of the University.

Our strategy starts with a simple premise: We are here to support a world-class university through partnerships that leverage technology and expertise to drive transformation, support innovation and research, and enhance student success. Everything we do at UW-IT is driven by a desire to help students, faculty and staff achieve the greater good.

The below graphic shows UW-IT’s vision, mission, strategic goals and top three areas of strategic focus. These areas of strategic focus guide our service strategies and drive our investment priorities. You can also view the UW-IT Strategy as PDF here.

Graphic image UW-IT Strategy

What are UW-IT’s strategic goals?

Enable Innovative Teaching and Learning:

Provide technology to support and improve the teaching and learning experience.

Support World-Class Research:

Support UW research with up-to-date tools and resources.

Modernize Information and Business Systems:

Provide modern, flexible and integrated business information systems to support a complex, global research institution and access to better business information for planning and analysis.

Provide Access to Excellent Infrastructure:

Deliver highly functional, reliable and invisible infrastructure that just works—and doesn’t get in the way.

Enhance Collaboration:

Provide excellent productivity tools, and enable easy, secure collaboration with partners at the UW and beyond.

Reduce Enterprise Risk:

Support UW’s risk management objectives by promoting privacy, security, business continuity and compliance.

Advance Operational Excellence.:

Improve the operational efficiency and transparency of UW-IT.