Writing Home: Texts

1. Patterson Fletcher Luark and Michael Fleenan Luark, 1853 Oregon Trail Diaries

2. Arthur A. Denny, Pioneer Days on Old Puget Sound

3. Phoebe Goodell Judson, "A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home"

4. Samuel L. Simpson, "Beautiful Willamette"

5. The Northwest and The Great Northwest: A Guide-Book and Itinerary

6. Brewster Commercial Club Promotional Pamphlet

7. Brewster Flats

8. Horace Cayton, Sr., "Embarrassing Moments"

9. Sui Sin Far, "Mrs. Spring Fragrance"

10. Sui Sin Far, "The Inferior Woman"

11. Kazuo Ito, Poems by Issei

12. Joe Hill, I.W.W. Songs

13. Jeff W. Hayes, Portland, Oregon A.D. 1999

14. Abigail Scott Duniway, Path-Breaking

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