Texts by and about Natives: Commentary

1. Jarold Ramsey, Joshua Creation Story

2. Archie Phinney, "The Maiden and Salmon"

3. Jarold Ramsey, Four Accounts of Simon Fraser's Canoe

4. Three Versions of the Quinalt Tale about Thunder and Sisemo

5. Two Versions of Chief Seattle's Speech

6. Chief Young Joseph, "An Indian's View of Indian Affairs"

7. Melville Jacobs, "Santiam Kalapuya Ethnological Texts"

8. James Willard Schultz

9. Christine Quintasket (Mourning Dove)

10. Duane Niatum, "Son, This Is What I Can Tell You"

11. Elizabeth Woody, "By Our Hand, through the Memory, the House is More than Form"

12. James Welch, Fools Crow: A Novel

13. Inez Peterson, "Missing You"

14. Janet Campbell Hale

15. Sherman Alexie, The Business of Fancydancing

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