Northwest Schools of Literature: Texts

1. David Wagoner, "Song for the Bones of Salmon"

2. David Wagoner, "Elders"

3. David Wagoner, "Found"

4. David Wagoner, "Lost"

5. David Wagoner, "For a Woman Who Phoned Poetry Northwest Thinking It Was Poultry Northwest"

6. David Wagoner, "The Principles of Concealment"

7. Carolyn Kizer, "The Great Blue Heron"

8. Carolyn Kizer, "A Poet's Household"

9. Carolyn Kizer, "By the Riverside"

10. Carolyn Kizer, "Singing Aloud"

11. Marilynne Robinson, "My Western Roots"

12. Heather McHugh, "The Size of Spokane"

13. Heather McHugh, "Past All Understanding"

14. Kim Barnes, "Prayer, Piety, Passion, and Prose: One Writer’s Quest for the Sacred"

15. Denise Levertov, "Settling"

16. Denise Levertov, "Elusive"

17. Denise Levertov, "Open Secret"

18. Denise Levertov, "Some Affinities of Content"

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