Discovering the Region: Texts

1. Account of Juan de Fuca's Voyages

2. Lemuel Gulliver [Jonathan Swift], Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World

3. Juan Pérez, Narrative of his Voyage along the Northwest Coast

4. José Narváez, Narrative of a Voyage on the Northwest Coast

5. Tomás de Suría, Journal of his Voyage with Malaspina

6. George Vancouver, A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean

7. John Boit, "Log of the Second Voyage of the Columbia"

8. Robert Gray, "Official Log of the Columbia"

9. Jefferson's Instructions to Lewis

10. William Clark, Account of Travels Down the Columbia River

11. David Nicadri, "About the Cover," State of Washington Voters Pamphlet

12. George Simpson on the Fur Trade

13. Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, Letters

14. James Swan, The Northwest Coast

15. John Muir, "An Ascent of Mount Rainier"

16. Rudyard Kipling, From Sea to Sea

17. Anna Louise Strong, I Change Worlds: The Remaking of an American

18. Carlos Bulosan, America Is In the Heart: A Personal History

19. Lois Phillips Hudson, "Children of the Harvest"

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