Course Index: History of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest

Unit 1: Whose Washington? Whose Northwest?

LESSON 1: Who Belongs in the Pacific Northwest?

LESSON 2: To Whom Does the Pacific Northwest Belong?

Unit 2: European Exploration, Imperial Rivalry, and the Maritime Fur Trade, 1741-1806

LESSON 3: European Rivalry for the Pacific Northwest

LESSON 4: Americans Enter the Rivalry

Unit 3: Fur Traders, Indians, and Anglo-American Rivalry for the Northwest, 1806-1846

LESSON 5: Natives and the Maritime Fur Trade

LESSON 6: The Continental Fur Trade

LESSON 7: The Changing World of Pacific Northwest Indians

LESSON 8: Settlement of the Oregon Boundary Question, 1818-1846

Unit 4: Settlers, Indians, and the Americanization of the Pacific Northwest, 1834-1900

LESSON 9: Settlers and Societies in California and Oregon

LESSON 10: Lines on the Land

LESSON 11: Overview of American Indian Policy, Treaties, and Reservations in the Northwest

LESSON 12: Indian Reservations, Resistance, and Changing U.S. Indian Policy since 1850

Unit 5: Cities, Hinterlands, and Extractive Industry

LESSON 13: Cities and Hinterlands: The Modern Northwest

LESSON 14: Industrialization, Technology, and Environment in Washington

LESSON 15: Industrialization, Class, and Race: Chinese and the Anti-Chinese Movement in the Late 19th-Century Northwest

LESSON 16: Mastering Nature: The Rise of Seattle, 1851-1930

Unit 6: The Northwest as a Political and Economic Colony, 1880-1940

LESSON 17: Reform and the Pacific Northwest

LESSON 18: The I.W.W. in Washington

LESSON 19: Economic and Political Change Between the Wars, 1919-1939

Unit 7: World War Two and 20th-Century Diversity in the Pacific Northwest

LESSON 20: World War Two as Turning Point in Northwest Race Relations

LESSON 21: African Americans in the Modern Northwest

LESSON 22: Asian Americans in the Modern Northwest

Unit 8: Cold War and the Age of the Environmental Movement

LESSON 23: The Impact of the Cold War on the Pacific Northwest: An Overview

LESSON 24: The Impact of the Cold War on Washington: Hanford and the Tri-Cities

LESSON 25: The Impact of the Cold War on Seattle: The 1962 World's Fair

LESSON 26: Spokane's Expo '74: A World's Fair for the Environment

LESSON 27: Extinction in Ecotopia: Environment and Identity in the late-20th-Century Pacific Northwest

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