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Internet Resources

National Park Service - Teaching With Historic Places

National Park Service - Homestead National Monument of America

National Park Service - Ebey's Landing

Eatonville Historic Homestead Museum

Library of Congress, American Memory - The Learning Page

University of Washington Libraries Digital Collections - Washington State Pioneer Life Database

New Horizons for Learning

Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records - Land Patent Search

Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation - Washington State


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

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Field Trips

Pioneer Farm Museum and Ohop Indian Village, Eatonville, Washington.

Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, Washington.

Pomery Living History Farm, Yacoult, Washington.

Olmstead Place State Park, east of Ellensburg, Washington.

Ebey's Landing, Whidbey Island, Washington.

Historic Sites

For more information, access the Washington Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation, http://www.dahp.wa.gov/, and search by OAHP ID number.

Peter Roose Homestead, Lake Ozette, Olympic National Park (OAHP ID: DT00194)

Kestner Homestead, Quinault River Valley, Olympic National Park (OAHP ID: GH00126)

Huelsdonk Homestead, 8 miles west of Hoh Ranger Station, Olympic National Park (OAHP ID: JE00079)

Emery Farmstead, Emory Road, Port Angeles, WA (OAHP ID: CA00403)

Buckner Homestead Historic District, Stehekin Valley Road, Stehekin, WA (OAHP ID: DT00121)

Krumdiack Homestead, Waldron Island, WA (OAHP ID: SJ00429)

John F. Kelley Homestead, Oakesdale, WA (OAHP ID: WT00142)

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