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September 4, 2020

2020 ERC Proposed Charter Amendments

The attached was presented to the ERC at their regularly-scheduled meeting on September 4, 2020.  It was open for voting from September 4-11, 2020.  Only core members may vote on Charter amendments 2020-ERC-Charter-Task-Force-REport

June 30, 2020

UW Online Intro to Personal Preparedness Course

Our friends at the UW Facilities Training Center have worked diligently to create an online version to the Intro to Personal Preparedness course.  This course will help to assist you in creating a personal preparedness plan and improve emergency and disaster preparedness across all three UW campuses.  This course can be used in as a…

May 27, 2020

UW COVID-19 Recovery: EOC Objectives

As the University of Washington transitioned from the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic response, to short-term recovery in late May 2020, the UW’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), changed its status to  Level 3 (low Impact event, limited staff) with limited direct support to the ongoing incident.  The virtual EOC established three objectives as part of…

April 10, 2020

PPE Guidance for Essential Service Staff for COVID-19


March 20, 2020

New UW Continuity Checklist Developed Labs & Research Facilities

This is a challenging time for many as we adjust to working under the constraints of the COVID-19 situation and plan for impacts outside of our control, some of which may impact research continuity. In cooperation with the University’s  Environmental Health and Safety Department, and input from the Office of Research, we collectively can provide…

March 9, 2020

FAQs for UW EOC Responders to the COVID-19 Outbreak

What Hours will the EOC be open for in-Person Activity? TBD, but initially we plan on only operating during normal business hours 9 am – 5 pm, M-F. I cannot work everyday in the EOC.  How do I ensure coverage? The EOC operates under the “Rule of 3” principle, meaning that we recommend that every…

March 5, 2020

UW Emergency Management Strategic Plan

The UW Emergency Readiness Committee formally adopted a five-year strategic plan to guide emergency management across the tri-campuses on 5 March 2020.  This plan will be integral in the success of building resiliency to all-hazards across the university and help to reduce the loss of life, property, and infrastructure.  The university recognizes the need to adapt…

February 7, 2020

Build Your Plan in a Year

The Build Your Plan in a Year pilot provides one small set of tasks each month for a year, with the goal of enabling a department to build a continuity of operations plan for business, academic and research programs. For more information about the conception and aims of this pilot, please view the blog post,…

February 5, 2020

BARC website improvements support new Provost’s Safety Initiative

At their regular meeting on February 5, 2020, the UW’s Board of Deans & Chancellors  (BoDC) formally reviewed and endorsed a sweeping set of safety initiatives identified by Provost Mark Richards in a recent written directive.  In his charge to the colleges and academic departments, the Provost identified seventeen (17) separate tasks and activities that…

April 12, 2019

Barry Morgan Bio

Barry is the current Plans, Training, and Exercise Manager for the University of Washington. Selected in 2019, Mr. Morgan is responsible for working with stakeholders to enhance emergency planning, as well as the development of exercises, and natural hazard mitigation planning for the university. Previously, he served as a consultant for the Department of Homeland…

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