Trends and Issues in Higher Ed

Fake News

November 5, 2018

Teaching skills to combat fake news and misinformation

In any major, UW students learn to evaluate sources, use texts responsibly and understand the impacts of information. The rise in fake news and misinformation creates an even greater need for these skills, in and beyond the classroom. At the same time, the topic itself can be an effective and timely way to engage students….

May 30, 2018

UW librarians: Supporting new research and information skills in the era of fake news

UW librarians are our community’s resident experts in research and information. On all three campuses, librarians are hard at work creating new resources to help students — and instructors — evaluate the information (good and bad) that surrounds us every day. “Libraries have a long history of teaching literacies that are needed not only for…

May 29, 2018

Understanding fake news and misinformation

It’s hard enough to understand the problems of fake news and misinformation — the complex factors that have contributed to them becoming primary issues facing our society — let alone, how to combat them. “As a community, UW thrives in our access to all types of information — we are constantly producing and consuming information….