UW TechConnect

Come and hear your colleagues and IT professionals talk about how they are responding to a variety of IT trends and issues.
The speakers lined up for our 2019 UW TechConnect Conference will help our IT community explore tough challenges and encourage us to work together to identify creative solutions.

Featured Speakers

Melody Biringer portrait

Melody Biringer
Founder of Women in Tech Regatta

As a connection engineer, Melody is a master of designing alliances. She believes that relationships are most important in our lives and that unlikely mashups create new perspectives and opportunities. She has built an international ecosystem of sisterhood.

The founder and producer of the WiT Regatta: a week-long conference in Seattle, Vancouver and Amsterdam, she brings people together to advance women in STEM and Tech.

Melody is a nav system for heart and soul – a modern day business Sherpa. She guides not by asking us to replicate her journey- but by inviting us to own our own style, to create what we crave.

Melody’s keynote is #Relationships Are The True Currency: Discover Your Treasure Chest.

David Levy portrait

David Levy
Professor UW Information School

David M. Levy is a professor at the UW Information School. He earned his Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University and a diploma in Calligraphy and Bookbinding from the Roehampton Institute in London. For nearly twenty years he was a researcher at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, exploring the transition from paper and print to digital media. He has been at the University of Washington since 2000 and has focused on bringing mindfulness training and other contemplative practices to address problems of information overload and acceleration. He is the author of “Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives” (Yale, 2016).

David’s keynote is Mindful Tech – How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives.

Erik Hofer portrait

Erik Hofer
Associate Vice President for Academic Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer in UW Information Technology

Erik Hofer is the Associate Vice President for Academic Services and Deputy Chief Information Officer at the University of Washington. He provides strategic direction and oversight of key initiatives that advance teaching, learning and the broader academic experience by partnering with students, faculty and staff to offer technologies and approaches that meet their needs.

He also oversees the core student systems that support the University’s academic mission and leads efforts to ensure IT at the University is accessible to individuals with diverse abilities. Previously, he served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Information and the Chief Information Officer at the University of Michigan School of Information.

Erik’s teaching focuses on the application of user-centered design methods to emerging technologies, with a specific focus on social computing, personal informatics, managing IT organizations, and entrepreneurial design. His research focuses on the use of emerging technologies in work. He has studied the socio-technical factors that enable geographically distributed work in science and engineering, examining technology-enabled collaborations in fields ranging from earthquake engineering to neuroscience to high-energy physics.

Erik’s keynote is Innovation in an Empowered Community.

General Speakers

Ani Anirudh

Ani Anirudh
Technology Manager

Ani is a software professional with deep industry experience in building large scale software solutions and services. He currently works for the UW Information Technology’s Academic Services Student Program in the team that owns the MyPlan application and services. In his previous work at Microsoft, he led the operating system innovations in networking and virtualization and then helped build and release Azure-Stack, a Hybrid cloud appliance. He was one of the founding members of the Microsoft AI School, designed to infuse the latest breakthroughs in Machine Learning research into products and projects. He has a Bachelor’s in Physics followed by a double Masters in Computer Science and Human Resource and Organizational Development.

Ani is a speaker at the AI-101: Building your first Deep Neural Network session.

Chris Carlson portrait

Chris Carlson
Senior Technology Project Manager

Chris Carlson is a Senior Technology Project Manager in the Office of Research Information Services (ORIS). Chris started in ORIS in 2011 and has served in multiple roles (Technical Trainer, Business Analyst, Project Manager) focused on delivering intuitive software solutions that respond to the needs of UW’s research community. As a certified Agile Scrum Master, Chris champions close end-user engagement and collaborative teams that regularly deliver measurable value.

Chris is a speaker at the User Story Development session.

Dave Coffey portrait

Dave Coffey
Instructional Designer, Service Manager

Dave Coffey is the Service Manager for Poll Everywhere, a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom response system, and an instructional designer with UW Learning Technologies (LT) under the Provost’s Office. He consults with faculty to assess their pedagogical needs and, working with UW-IT and AXDD, assists with the relevant use of technology in the classroom. He also manages the development of workshops focused on media, design, productivity and teaching.

Dave joined UW in 2010 as a broadcast engineer, in that time he has modernized lecture capture facilities, developed germane media management strategies, and helped launch or grow services like Panopto, UW’s lecture capture system, and MediaAMP, a UW-developed media management platform.

Dave holds a BS in Mass Communications from MTSU and is a Marine Corps veteran.

Dave is a speaker at the Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve the Student Experience and Operations session.

Maxime Deravet portrait

Maxime Deravet
Solution Architect

Maxime Deravet is a Solution Architect at UW-IT. He works with the Enterprise Document Management team helping departments to create and manage electronic documents and automate their business processes.

He has been working as a software engineer for close to 10 years and is passionate about automating as much as he can.

Maxime is a speaker at the Improve your Development Lifecycle with CI/CD session.

Nathan Dors portrait

Nathan Dors

Nathan Dors is a director in UW-IT where he helps integrate digital identities — mainly UW NetIDs — into the teaching, learning, and research functions of the University.

He is a member of Internet2’s Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from UW Computer Science & Engineering.

Nathan is a speaker at the UW NetID — Enabling SSO for Next Generation of Application Architectures session.

Rob Fatland portrait

Rob Fatland
Research Computing Director

Rob Fatland attended Caltech and the University of Alaska with a stint at NASA-JPL interspersed. He worked previously at a remote sensing company in Boulder and at Microsoft Research on technologies supporting earth system science. He currently consults at UW across all disciplines from medicine to astronomy — Thematically on how to make computing an accelerator of — and not a hindrance to — research progress at the University of Washington. In spare moments he does STE(A)M outreach.

Rob is a speaker at the Jupyter and Beyond the Infynyte: Tech-driven Acceleration of Research at UW session.

Helen Garrett portrait

Helen Garrett
University Registrar and Chief Officer of Enrollment Information Services

Helen has an extensive background in Admissions, Registration, Student Affairs, and Enrollment Management Systems from Lane Community College (OR), University of Oregon, Whittier College, University of Southern California, and Michigan State University.

Helen has served as president of the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers, and has held additional leadership positions in state, regional, and national professional organizations. She is a national trainer on FERPA and presents at conferences on issues related to professional development.

Helen holds a BA in Business Administration and MA in College and University Administration from Michigan State University, and a doctorate in Education from Oregon State University’s Community College Leadership Program.

Helen is a speaker at the Mentors and Messes: Top Ten Leadership Lessons Learned session.

Cara Giacomini portrait

Cara Giacomini
Director of Advancement Analytics

As Director of Advancement Analytics at the University of Washington (UW), Cara Giacomini provides data-driven intelligence to aid in university-wide and unit fundraising and engagement. She previously served as a Senior Research Scientist in UW-IT, where she conducted quantitative and qualitative studies to understand the technology use and support trends of faculty, students, staff, and researchers. In 2003, Cara received her PhD in English and Textual Studies from the University of Washington.

Cara is a speaker at the Telling a Strategic Story with Data session.

Peter Giles portrait

Peter Giles
Sr. Developer & Data Analyst

Peter Giles has worked in software development at the University since 2006. He loves his current role as a developer and data analyst for the Office of the Chief Information Security Office where his work includes developing web services, processing billions of records a day, and doing outreach around secure coding practices. He enjoys building/riding bikes, penguins on the desktop, and learning to play piano with his two boys.

Peter is a speaker at the A Day at the SPA: Things to Know Before You Go session.

Pete Graff portrait

Pete Graff
Senior Developer and UX Designer

Pete Graff is a web developer and UX designer in the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer, building and designing web applications related to information security and situational awareness. Prior to that, he has run websites for nonprofits, worked in public radio, been a freelance writer, and long ago, analyzed rivets for money.

Pete is a speaker at the A Day at the SPA: Things to Know Before You Go session.

Nik Krumm

Nik Krumm
Lab Medicine Resident (MD/PhD)

Nik Krumm is a chief resident in the Department of Laboratory Medicine. He has been working on implementing a DevOps friendly, HIPAA-compatible cloud infrastructure for use by his department. He has core expertise in AWS CloudFormation deployment, the Dokku PaaS, as well as interfacing to UW NetID authentication services.

Nik is a speaker at the UW NetID — Enabling SSO for Next Generation of Application Architectures session.

Suzanne May portrait

Suzanne May
Technical Project Manager/Scrum Master

Suzanne May has been working at the University of Washington with the Office of Research for seven years. She helps support software development and project implementation.

As a scrum master and agile coach, she is excited to help the University meet its goals in delivering quality software to ensure our researchers are able focus more on science and less on administration.

Suzanne is a speaker at the User Story Development session.

Marc Miles portrait

Marcellus Miles
Lead Software Engineer & Cloud Architect

Marcellus is currently with UW-IT working to deploy and orchestrate containers using Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine. He is a certified AWS Solutions Architect and has recently lead a team of developers at the Foster School of Business with their deployment of serverless micro-services to AWS. Marcellus has been with the UW and UW Medicine for 17 years wearing all the hats in the systems development life cycle. Prior to the UW he was leading teams at an agency building web applications for Nestle and others and spent four years in the U.S.A.F. doing physical security.

Marcellus is a speaker at the Containers vs. Serverless: What to choose and why it matters session.

David Morton portrait

David Morton
Director, Networks & Telcom Design

David Morton is the director of Network & Telecommunications Design for the University of Washington. He has 20 years networking and security experience. Over 12 of those working years has been with wireless communications. Before joining the UW he was with T-Mobile where he lead the wireless broadband engineering team and was a principal architect for one of the world’s largest commercial Wi-Fi networks.

David is a speaker at the Leveraging Machine Learning to Improve the Student Experience and Operations session.

Paul Prestin portrait

Paul Prestin
Technology Manager

Paul Prestin is a Technology Manager with the UW-IT’s Enterprise Web Services (EWS) team. Paul leads a team of software engineers developing the UW investment in API integration solutions. Paul has contributed to the University mission over the last 12+ years working in a number of roles and organizations. Prior to joining UW-IT working in the Office of Research as a Software Architect and Engineer.

Before joining the UW, Paul worked in private consulting building HR and student systems for the K-12 sector. When Paul is not advocating for APIs, he enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering in the Scouts BSA, and wood carving.

Paul is a speaker at the An Integrated Solution session.

Colleen Schiller portrait

Colleen Schiller

With over 10 years of experience in educating, coaching and presenting; Colleen has worked with over 1,400 individuals augmenting skills, teams and lives. With a knack for building quick rapport and keying in on individual needs, Colleen is able to tailor her coaching with creative methodologies to build on personal strengths and minimize deficiencies.

Colleen currently runs Authentic Communications, a company geared toward personal coaching and workshops in areas of team building, communication skills and public speaking. In the past, she worked with UW Information Technology (UW-IT) to support Organizational Development projects, including coaching many of the 2017 TechConnect Conference speakers.

In her spare time, she loves to golf, hike, mountain bike, listen to a plethora of podcasts and find the next NETFLIX binge.

Colleen is a speaker at the Public Speaking… Scarier than Clowns and Flying? session.

Glenn Sudduth portrait

Glenn Sudduth
Senior Applications System Engineer

Glenn Sudduth is the technical lead for the team that develops the University of Washington’s student-facing academic planning tool, MyPlan. He has worked for UW-IT in a wide variety of technical roles for over 25 years, but has been focused primarily on software development since 2008. Glenn has a solid server-side Java skill set, some proficiency with client-side Javascript frameworks, and a strong affinity for open source software.

Glenn is a speaker at the A Day at the SPA: Things to Know Before You Go session.

Kim Van Horn portrait

Kim Van Horn

Kim Van Horn is the UX Lead for the Office of Research, Information Services (ORIS) at the UW. After years as an Industrial Designer, she transitioned to User Experience (UX) Design in 2012. She has been the UX Designer for mental health apps for the DoD, company websites, and product-specific interfaces in pro audio and consumer markets. Her focus through her career has been on user-centered research and usability. Kim has been leading the UX vision for ORIS’s SAGE and the MyResearch Portal since 2017.

Kim is a speaker at the User Story Development session.

Mick Westrick

Mick Westrick
Director of IT

Mick leads the IT team for the Foster School of Business. Foster IT is comprised of five groups: application development, cloud and on-prem systems, desktop, learning spaces and research support. Collectively they support Foster’s faculty, staff and students as they pursue teaching, learning and research.

Mick is a speaker at the UW NetID — Enabling SSO for Next Generation of Application Architectures session.