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Academic Programs

The University offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs. In addition to these programs, the following educational opportunities are available.

Certificate Programs

UW Extension offers more than 100 specially designed credit and not-credit evening certificate programs of study in many areas, primarily to working adults. Some certificate programs address such personal-interest areas as film, writing, and sound production,. Other programs focus on specific careers in business, industry, and technology, offering specialized training that supplements other education and work experience. Students are prepared to enter new fields or to grow professionally in areas ranging from accounting to computer programming to project management. All certificate programs and instructors have been approved by the appropriate academic units. Programs are designed by advisory boards consisting of leading professionals in the field and UW faculty. To accommodate working professionals, Professional & Continuing Education schedules most classes to meet evening or weekends. Several certificate programs are offered to students at a distance through various technologies. Courses fees and admission requirements vary, and enrollment in all certificate programs is limited. More information may be obtained by consulting the quarterly P&CE catalog or by telephone at 206-543-2320

Evening Classes

Opportunities for evening study at the University are varied to serve individual student interests and academic goals. For nonmatriculated (not formally admitted) students, Professional & Continuing Education offers hundreds of evening credit courses and evening non-credit courses, which are described on the P&CE website.

Evening Degree Program

Students can complete a bachelor's or graduate degree in the evening through the University of Washington Evening Degree Program. A wide variety of courses are scheduled for the convenience of evening-degree students. Some programs use technology for the delivery of courses to make the degrees more accessible.

Evening Degree Program students can earn baccalaureate degrees offer5ed by the College of Arts and Sciences in anthropology, communications, English general studies, history, humanities, political science, psychology, social science, and sociology. The School of Business Administration offers the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree in the evening.

Summer Quarter

During summer quarter, more than two thousand courses in most major fields are available to graduate and undergraduate students pursuing degree programs on a year-round basis as well as to summer-only students seeking to broaden, intensify, or refresh subject-matter competence. Summer-only students can apply for admission as nonmatriuculated students and can earn credits which may apply toward a degree at another college. This status also accommodates teachers and school administrators who take special-interest courses to earn additional university credits and postbaccalaureate students who do not desire formal admission to a graduate or second undergraduate program.

Credits earned during summer quarter are evaluated as resident credits and with the exception of separate fee schedules for medical and dental students, summer quarter fees closely parallel those of the other quarters. A complete listing of the summer-quarter courses is published in the online Time Schedule. More information can be found at the summer quarter website.

UW Bothell and UW Tacoma

At its Bothell and Tacoma campuses, the University offers bachelor's and master's degree programs designed to provide additional education opportunities for residents of the Puget Sound region. The campuses are located in Bothell, 15 miles to the north of the Seattle campus, and in Tacoma, 35 miles to the south. Undergraduate programs at Bothell and Tacoma are offered at the upper division level, for students who have already completed the first two years of undergraduate study. The following degree programs are currently available at both campuses: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (Tacoma), Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (designed for registered nurses), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (designed for registered nurses). Bachelor of Science of Computing and Software Systems, and Master of Education. In addition, a Teaching Certificate Program is available at both campuses for students preparing to teach the K-8 grade levels.

The Tacoma campus also offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, Master of Arts in interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Master of Nursing, and Master of Social Work degrees, as well as educational administrator certification. Two new degree programs began in 2002: the Bachelor of Arts in Social Welfare and the Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems.

The Bothell campus also offers a Master of Management degree focused on technology-oriented business. A Master of Arts in Public Policy and a Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems began in autumn 2001. A Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science is currently being planned.