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Division of Social and Historical Stdy

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TNPRFT 431 Community Organizations and the Nonprofit Sector (5) I&S
Examines issues specific to the nonprofit sector, including community organizations, service learning, nonprofit management, and community development. Human service agency leaders will be brought in to share their expertise with the class.
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TNPRFT 432 Organizational Development (5) I&S
Explores theory and research regarding developmental stages in the life of organizations, the role of structure from bureaucracy through modern down-sized, entrepreneurial forms, the relationship of management style and practices to growth in organizations, and the role of the human relations and organizational development practitioner.
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TNPRFT 448 Cultural Administration and Policy (5) I&S
Analyzes the social, cultural, economic and creative foundations of cultural management and policy. Emphasizes critical and creative thinking in evaluating the role and function of non-profit arts institutions within the complex fabric of contemporary society. Examines municipal, state, and federal spheres of influence on public policy.
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TNPRFT 449 Museum Studies (5) I&S
Introduces the history, philosophy, organization, administration, and practice of museums. Covers the changing emphases on the role of museums in cultural, socioeconomic and political contexts; collection management, exhibition and program planning, education, cultural tourism, community outreach, and marketing.
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TNPRFT 450 Methods of Museum Interpretation (5) VLPA
Explores theories, practices, and evaluation of museum interpretation in its greatest sense - from programs and exhibits to educational product development. Addresses the presentation history, art, literature, and science through a cross-disciplinary approach.
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TNPRFT 451 Essentials of Grant Writing and Fund Raising (5) I&S
Studies fund raising for nonprofit organizations. Provides an overview of the best practices, systems, and management principles underlying successful fund raising programs. Includes primary development vehicles and techniques, developing an annual plan and a case statement, and grant writing.
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TNPRFT 457 Nonprofit Capstone (5) I&S
Builds on a project or interest developed by students during the nonprofit management minor internship in a nonprofit organization. Includes work on some professional nonprofit management area. Produces a demonstrable example of expertise and interest, such as a personnel manual, strategic plan, or annual fund development plan.
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