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T INST 100 Fluency in Information Technology (5) QSR
Introduces skills, concepts, and capabilities necessary to effectively use information technology. Includes logical reasoning, managing complexity, operation of computers and networks, and contemporary applications such as effective Web searching and database manipulation, ethical aspects, and social impacts of information technology. Not available for credit to students who have completed TCSS 142.
Instructor Course Description: Victoria V Stoddard

T INST 207 Living and Working in a Virtual World: Technologies of the World Wide Web (3) I&S
Explores some of the important technological principles underlying the World Wide Web as it pertains to the creation and maintenance of virtual communities and the access to information. Provides a deeper understanding of how these principles can empower one to live effectively in a virtual community.

T INST 310 Computational Problem Solving (5) QSR
Covers the fundamental framework for developing computational solutions to a variety of problems encountered in the world. Explores methods of analyzing and characterizing problems, and of developing a computational solution. Introduces computer programming, and explores and compares various types of programming methods. This minor is not available to CSS majors.

T INST 311 Database Management and Data Analysis (5) QSR
Covers methods for transforming data into information through a database management system, how to query it interactively, how to visualize it in a meaningful way, how to share it on the Internet, and how to analyze it. This minor is not available to CSS majors.

T INST 312 Computer Networks and the Internet (5) QSR
Presents the impact of network computers on society. Introduces a variety of Web development technologies for producing dynamic Web sites. Provides a practical approach to solve Web development problems in a wide range of application areas. This Minor is not available to CSS majors. Recommended: T INST 310.

T INST 401 Technology in the Service of Society: A Seminar in the Integration of Technology and Social Interests (5) I&S
Explores the use of technologies as one essential component in solving globally important problems. Emphasis may vary to focus on such issues as the global commons, economic inequities, and population dynamics. Examines public policies that impact technological development.
Instructor Course Description: George Mobus

T INST 475 Entrepreneurship in Computing and Software Systems (5)
Study of the process of developing a product or service in the field of computing and software systems, preparing a plan for commercialization, and implementing that plan. Prerequisite: either TCSS 360 or T INST 310; may not be repeated after achieving a minimum grade of 2.0.

T INST 490 Special Topics in Applied Computing (5, max. 15)
Examines current topics and issues in applied computing.
Instructor Course Description: Si-Chi Chin

T INST 493 Technology and Society: a Global Perspective Study Abroad (12) VLPA/I&S
Examines and analyzes the complex relationship between technology and society in both global and historical perspectives, Specific topics include the technological achievements of Ancient Rome, subsequent technological developments in Asia, Europe and America, the Industrial and Information Revolution, and the challenges presented by the world's new economic order. Study Abroad in Italy.

T INST 498 Directed Readings in Applied Computing (1-5, max. 10)
Readings in timely subjects in applied computing as specified in agreement with faculty member. Prerequisite: T INST 310.

T INST 499 Research in Applied Computing (1-5, max. 10)
Design and implementation of a research study as specified in a contract with faculty member. Prerequisite: T INST 310.