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T GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography (5) SSc
Broad introduction to the field of geography within the context of globalization. Topics include the relationship between humans and their environment, the role of culture in landscape change, economic development, geopolitics, and urban systems.
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T GEOG 210 Geographies of Global Change (3) SSc
Introduces aspects of the economic, political, social, and environmental changes the world is experiencing and the new geographies being brought about by these changes. Includes such topics as population growth, environmental degradation and sustainability, food security, urbanization, poverty and inequality, development, the geopolitical arena, and the role of international organizations.
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T GEOG 321 Urban Geography (5) SSc
Examines the spatial organization of cities in relation to the economic, social, cultural, and political forces that shape them. Includes such topics as the evolution of cities, perceptions of urban space, gentrification, race and housing, homelessness, social exclusion, urban redevelopment, suburbanization, and planning. Emphasizes U.S. cities.
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T GEOG 349 Geography and International Trade (5) SSc
Introduces theories, policies, geographic patterns, and practices of international trade and foreign direct investment. Topics include: trade theory and policy; economic integration; currency markets and foreign exchange; trade operations and logistics; the international regulatory environment; and marketing, location and entry, and finance, accounting, and taxation. Equivalent to GEOG 349.
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T GEOG 352 Cultural Geography (5) SSc
Cultural components and the analysis of the role of culture in the formation of landscape patterns and the development of a sense of place. Emphasizes issues and problems generated by globalization.
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T GEOG 403 Geography of the United States of America and Canada (5) NSc
Regional study of the United States and Canada based upon physical and cultural features. Examines continental and regional variations in terrain, climate, vegetation, economic, and social life of the United States and Canada, with emphasis on geographical principles, sources of data, and techniques of investigation.
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T GEOG 420 Gender, Space and Culture (5) SSc, DIV
Considers gender differences in experiences of space and place; the relationship between gender, geopolitics, and geographies of cities, regions, nation-states, and other social institutions; and gender differences in "making place" and interacting with environments. It considers multiple and competing theoretical perspectives, but especially feminist and queer ones.
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T GEOG 435 Contemporary Geopolitics (5) SSc
Explores geopolitical concepts and relates them to contemporary global issues and debates. Examines both the influence of geography on politics and the geography of politics.
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T GEOG 440 Political Geography: Territory, State and Society (5) SSc
Introduction to political geography from the perspective of political economy and the politics of difference. Discusses both critical approaches to human geography and geographical interpretations of the state. Emphasizes spatial dimensions of capitalist development as mediated by urban, national and global politics. Offered: Sp.
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