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T CSL 510 Principles of Cybersecurity (5)
Explores the basics of information security. Explores introductory concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Discusses threats, to include malicious code, hackers, cyber terrorists, spies, and other information warriors. Explores vulnerabilities and countermeasures for both computer systems and networks.
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T CSL 520 Business Essentials (5)
Provides an overview of the key concepts, tools, and techniques that are required to succeed in today's business environment. Introduces various essential business aspects such as communication, marketing, accounting, finance, business law, and ethics.
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T CSL 530 Designing and Executing Information Assurance and Cyber-security Strategies (5)
Applies and combines information assurance concepts, processes, and skills to solve information assurance and cybersecurity case studies. Offered: A.
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T CSL 540 Leadership and Team Dynamics (5)
Prepares students to analyze individual and team dynamics, evaluate the influence of organization structures and processes of each of these, and engage in managerial action that enhances individual, team, and organizational performance. Considerable focus on developing students' critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills.
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T CSL 550 Network and Internet Security (5)
Studies the technologies of information security policies, standards, and procedures. Topics include: security policy design and incident response; and tools and techniques to defend against, react to, and recover from a cyber-attack. Covers cryptographic methods including public and private key algorithms and their applications on confidentiality, authentication, and data integrity. Offered: Sp.
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T CSL 560 Organizational Change and Strategy (5)
Prepares students to be effective leaders and change agents by exploring concepts, tools, and techniques for aligning an organization's strategy to the environment and for creating, leading, and managing change.
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T CSL 570 Cybersecurity Management (5)
Studies how organization approaches technology decisions, including consideration of specific security requirements and goals that technology investments must address in support of the organization's mission. Explores how technology investments reduce the cost and complexity of managing and operation an information infrastructure while maintaining appropriate levels of cybersecurity. Offered: A.
View course details in MyPlan: T CSL 570

T CSL 580 Project Management (5)
Using projects as instruments that reflect strategic change in organizations, students engage new products, new processes, and new services, leading to renewed organizational competitiveness. Prepares students to effectively manage projects in organizations regardless of the industry and the position one works in.
View course details in MyPlan: T CSL 580

T CSL 600 Independent Study or Research (5)
Provides an opportunity to work independently exploring specific cybersecurity and leadership topics in greater depth. The student must develop a research proposal and make arrangements with a faculty member to supervise the project prior to course registration. Permission of MCL faculty is required.
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T CSL 601 Internship (5)
Provides students with practical knowledge and experience in a private or public work environment. Gives students opportunities to develop a learning plan under faculty guidance and to perform field work utilizing the skills developed in the classroom. Requires written internship plan and faculty permission prior to registration.
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