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LEDE 510 Personal Leadership for Schools (2-6, max. 8)
Helps principal candidate develop the personal qualities and commitments associated with successful school leadership. Focuses on leadership theories, professional knowledge and ethics, and strategies for continued learning in professional practice.

LEDE 520 Leadership for Curriculum and Teaching (2-6, max. 8)
Helps principal preparation candidates expand knowledge for assisting other teachers with curriculum, instruction, and student engagement with learning. Focuses on knowledge of exemplary practice and documentation of impact of teaching and learning in schools.

LEDE 530 Leading Schools as Responsive Public Institutions ([2-6]-, max. 8)
Helps principal candidates build knowledge for developing and stewarding a schools' vision and goals so that they are just, sustainable, and responsive to legal, political, professional, and local interests. Focuses on legal, political, and professional contexts of school leadership and builds skills for communication about school goals and needs.

LEDE 540 Leading Schools as Continuously Renewing Organizations ([2-6]-, max. 8)
Helps principal candidates lead an effective and continually improving organization. Builds understanding of school managerial responsibilities as well as more complex tasks of assessing school needs and developing theories of action that focus daily work on desired school outcomes.

LEDE 550 Leading Inclusive School Communities ([2-6]-, max. 8)
Helps principal candidates strengthen relationships, steward norms, establish programs, and lead conservations that foster collaborative decisions and collective action among the school's many constituencies. Builds understanding of the ways that social capital, student and family diversity, and family involvement influence student learning and can be influenced by principle leadership.

LEDE 560 Leadership for Student Services ([2-6]-, max. 8)

LEDE 591 Topics in Educational Leadership (1-5, max. 15)
Examines topics in educational leadership with particular attention to evolving leadership demands associated with advanced in law, public policy, educational research, and administrative practice.