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B LEAD 102 Leading with Purpose: Working in Teams (2)
Develops team leader competencies needed to succeed in any leadership situation, including identifying personal strengths and challenges; connecting with other and building trust; and managing change and influencing others. Addresses current theory and research about group and team leadership and the application to teamwork. Credit/no-credit only.
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B LEAD 103 Leading with Purpose: People Skills (2)
Addresses fundamental people skills necessary to effectively engage with and lead others in multiple settings. Explores the importance of self-awareness and self-esteem in building relationships, the use of effective listening and non-verbal communication, the value of empathy, giving and receiving effective interpersonal feedback, and influencing positive interpersonal engagement. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: Sp.
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B LEAD 104 Leading with Purpose: Presentation Skills (2)
Uses creativity and practical application to help students become stronger speakers and presenters. Utilizing theatre activities and public speaking skills, students learn to be confident speakers in a variety of contexts. Offered: S.
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