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BISSTA 303 Social Theory (5) SSc
Studies traditions, key ideas, histories, and contexts of social theory. Considers relationships between individuals and society in terms of social structure and power. Topics may include relationships between ideas of property and social inequality, liberty and state sanctioned violence, rights and the distribution of resources, etc.
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BISSTA 304 Institutions and Social Change (5) SSc
Explores the patterns of power that create our social world and how those patterns can be challenged or modified. Examines cultural, institutional, and interpersonal ways that people gain, challenge, and are affected by power and considers how and whether to bring about social change.
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BISSTA 331 The Family in U.S. Society (5) SSc
Examination of the historical development of the family, and the theoretical underpinnings of family relationships. Discusses current trends and changes in the family and family life.
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BISSTA 359 Ethics and Society (5) SSc
Examination of major ethical alternatives (egoism, utilitarianism, hedonism, virtue ethics, relativism, emotivism) along with competing visions of the good society (libertarian, communitarian, feminist). Analyzes several contemporary problems, such as legal moralism, affirmative action, euthanasia, capital punishment, corporate responsibility.
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