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BISSKL 250 Career Exploration (2) Burgett
Explores issues, topics, and tasks related to personal, educational, and career choices. Addresses educational and career planning, personal characteristics and individual preferences, life and work values and interests, decision making, goal setting, and job/career search preparations. Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Kimberly A. Wilson

BISSKL 302 Team Building (2)
Introduces a theoretical and experiential understanding of team development, consensus decision-making, sharing values, diversity, facilitation, conflict resolution, and dialogue. Theory is based on emerging views of teams and organizations as self-organizing systems.
Instructor Course Description: Lynne M Baab Michael Dimeo

BISSKL 350 Independent Fieldwork (1-6, max. 18)
Independent fieldwork in community agencies, apprenticeships, internships, as approved for College of Arts and Sciences credit. Faculty sponsor and internship supervisor are required. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.
Instructor Course Description: Kristin Louise Gustafson Robert Joseph Turner

BISSKL 351 Community-Based Learning (2-5, max. 15)
Independent study conducted in organizations in our communities, complementing a designated course.

BISSKL 375 Academic Research and Writing Seminar (2)
Using a research project from another course students refine writing skills and expand skills in accessing, identifying, and critically evaluating information. Must be concurrently enrolled in another IAS course. Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Jennifer W Atkinson

BISSKL 377 Quantitative Reasoning (2, max. 4)
Strengthens quantitative reasoning and develops problem solving and critical thinking skills through studying mathematics that can be used in everyday lives and careers.

BISSKL 400 Policy Journal Editorial Board (2, max. 10)
Students nominated by faculty may participate on the editorial board of the Policy Journal. Board members are responsible for managing the content and production of the Policy Journal which is produced at least once per year, with the possibility of additional volumes if sufficient numbers of quality submissions are received. Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Daniel F. Jacoby

BISSKL 402 Peer Facilitation (2-5, max. 10)
Provides direct experience in teaching and facilitation. Students gain in-depth background on subject material along with training in teaching techniques and facilitation approaches. Credit/no-credit only.