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BISPSY 337 Risk and Resilience (5) SSc
Provides an overview of the psychological study of development in the context of adversity. Studies pathways that lead to maladjustment and processes that lead to positive adjustment, and considers social policy and preventative programs.
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BISPSY 343 Community Psychology (5) SSc
Examines the historical foundations, theory, methods, and practice that constitute the interdisciplinary field of community psychology. Students build upon an existing empirical knowledge base, including effective modes of community intervention, and examine the relevance of community psychology for addressing social problem. Recommended: BIS 170.
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BISPSY 348 Cultural Psychology (5) SSc
Addresses the ways that cultural traditions and social practices both reflect and transform psychological experience. Examines both new theoretical and empirical work in cultural psychology and the intellectual roots of cultural psychology. Explores the implications of a cultural perspective for the larger projects/concerns of the field of psychology.
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BISPSY 350 Intergroup Relations (5) SSc
Acquaints students with the various theoretical perspectives and problems in understanding the development, maintenance, and reduction of conflict between social groups. Considers how one's own position in the social hierarchy influences intergroup responses, along with the emotions that may be experienced on behalf of one's group. Social change strategies and the effects of social policies designed to bring about social change will be examined. Recommended: either BIS 225 or equivalent.
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