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BISAES 305 Power, Dissent, and American Culture (5) SSc/A&H, DIV
Focuses on the relationships between power, inequality, resistance, and difference in the United States. Examines the concept of America through intersecting categories of race, gender, sexuality, class, place, citizenship, slavery, nationalism, empire, immigration, and social change. Uses diverse sources to study culture, politics, and history.
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BISAES 364 Public Memory and Dissent in American Culture (5) SSc/A&H
Examines in detail one (or more) case of social, political, legal, and/or cultural conflict, focusing on how it has been remembered, reconstructed, and reimagined, both textually and institutionally. Stresses diverse interpretive and methodological approaches within American Studies.
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BISAES 367 Exploring American Culture: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration (5) A&H/SSc, DIV
Examines how contested discourses of racial, ethnic, and national difference have shaped ideas about citizenship and "American" identities. Focuses on the relationship between these discourses and social, economic, and political practices and policies. Stresses diverse interpretive approaches within American Studies.
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BISAES 369 American Culture and Mass Media (5) SSc
Combines an introduction to analytical methods for understanding mass media with the critical study of American cultural practices and structures. Applies analytical tools to a multimedia production.
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