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BEARTH 153 Introduction to Geology (5) NSc
Survey of the physical systems that give the earth its form. Emphasizes the dynamic nature of interior and surface processes on the earth and stressing the value of geological forms in understanding of the past and predicting future events. Offered: AWSp.
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BEARTH 154 Introduction to Oceanography (5) NSc
Case studies of research on the oceans, deep-sea exploration, climate change, and human impacts on marine life. Considers societal factors affecting progress in marine science, changing popular attitudes toward the oceans, and key current policy implications of marine science. Offered: AWSp.
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BEARTH 155 Introduction to Climate Science (5) SSc/NSc
Introduces climate science and global climate change. Topics include the scientific method, earth history, global biogeochemical cycles, population and energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions; fundamental climate science, energy conservation, alternative energy; climate and the media; and climate policy. Offered: AWSpS.
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BEARTH 201 Mapping the Earth System (5) NSc
Focuses on issues of environmental health and environmental change in a local or regional earth system as a means to investigate the interconnected biologic, geologic, hydrologic and social systems of that region.
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BEARTH 202 Modeling Global Systems (5) NSc
Introduces computer-based modelling as a tool to represent, investigate and understand Earth's interconnected systems. Prerequisite: B MATH 122.
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BEARTH 300 Environmental Systems Thinking (5)
Introduces students to the Schools of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and STEM, interdisciplinary inquiry, reflective learning, and the creation of a learning portfolio. Pedagogies emphasize critical reading, writing development, research question formation, and peer collaboration. Thematic focus on the characteristics and applications of systems thinking in analyzing complex socio-ecological phenomena.
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BEARTH 310 Fundamentals of Weather and Climate (5) NSc
Comprehensive introduction to the science of the atmosphere and climate systems including: composition and structure of the atmosphere; atmospheric physics; thermodynamic processes; solar and terrestrial radiation; atmospheric dynamics and large-scale circulation; and climate processes and dynamics. Prerequisite: a minimum grade of 2.0 in either STMATH 124 or B MATH 144; and a minimum grade of 2.0 in either B PHYS 114 or B PHYS 121.
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BEARTH 317 Soils in the Environment (5) NSc
Introduces the types of soils analyses necessary to understand the physical and chemical state of soils. Includes an introduction to soils in general, and local soils in particular. Prerequisite: either BEARTH 153, BEARTH 154, BEARTH 155, BEARTH 201, B PHYS 101, BIS 242, or BIS 243.
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BEARTH 318 Hydrogeology (5) NSc, RSN
Examines details and mechanisms of the natural processes associated with the hydrologic cycle. Explores rivers, groundwater, and watershed management issues within Washington State.
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BEARTH 320 Impacts of Climate Change (5) NSc/SSc
Surveys climate change implications for natural and human systems, both globally and locally. Topics include natural science, human health, and policy issues; climate system processes, air/water quality, ecosystem services, human health, extreme weather, flooding, snow pack, stream flow, vulnerability assessment, adaptation, and mitigation strategies. Offered: A.
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BEARTH 321 Geomorphology (5) NSc
Provides an overview of the science and geomorphology, emphasizing field observations, data collection, and data analyses associated with geomorphological methods. Examines how landforms evolve, how landforms and abiotic processes influence ecosystems, and how human activities are impacting all of the above.
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BEARTH 341 Natural Hazards and Human Disasters (5) NSc/SSc
Investigates the distribution and impacts of natural hazards and what controls the magnitude and frequency of these events. Examines how cultural and social factors influence the hazard vulnerability of populations. Offered: W.
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