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B CLIM 200 Introduction to Climate Science (5) NW/I&S
Introduces climate science and global climate change. Topics include the scientific method, earth history, global biogeochemical cycles, population and energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions; fundamental climate science, energy conservation, alternative energy; climate and the media; and climate policy. Includes service project around issues of energy or climate. Offered: jointly with BST 200.
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B CLIM 300 Fundamentals of Weather and Climate (5) NW
Comprehensive introduction to the science of the atmosphere and climate systems including: composition and structure of the atmosphere; atmospheric physics; thermodynamic processes; solar and terrestrial radiation; atmospheric dynamics and large-scale circulation; and climate processes and dynamics. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in each of B CUSP 124; B CUSP 125; B PHYS 121; and B PHYS 122. Instructors: Jaffe, Salathe Offered: A.
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B CLIM 320 Impacts of Climate Change (5) I&S/NW E. SALATHE
Surveys climate change implications for natural and human systems, both globally and locally. Topics include natural science, human health, and policy issues; climate system processes, air/water quality, ecosystem services, human health, extreme weather, flooding, snow pack, stream flow, vulnerability assessment, adaptation, and mitigation strategies. Offered: Sp.
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