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VALUES 207 Issues of Global Justice (5) I&S, DIV William J Talbott, Jamie Mayerfeld, Michael I Blake
Introduces issues of global justice. Topics include: global poverty and aid, immigration, transnational governance, gender in global relations, climate change, and cultural relativism. Offered: jointly with PHIL 207/POL S 207.
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VALUES 291 Ethics in Science (5) VLPA/I&S
Provides an introduction to ethics and research ethics issues in the non-medical sciences. Possible topics include: publication and peer review, intellectual property, and the social responsibilities of scientists. Offered: jointly with PHIL 291.
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VALUES 495 Ethics in Practice (2) Stephen M. Gardiner, Michael I Blake, Sara L. Goering
Culmination of the values-in-society minor. Synthesizes training in ethics with primary discipline. Includes a project of positive social engagement (service learning or research project with fieldwork). Limited to undergraduates completing the minor in values and society. Credit/no-credit only.
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VALUES 511 Ethics Matters: An Exploration of Some Moral Qualities (5) Sara L. Goering
Asks what we fundamentally require of ourselves and others if we are to live together in morally acceptable ways by discussing moral qualities as they appear in various arenas. Topics include: autonomy, respect, integrity, and trust.
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VALUES 512 Justice Matters: An Exploration of Justice as a Social Ideal (5) Stephen M. Gardiner
Asks what makes social policies and institutions morally acceptable, primarily through a discussion about justice and injustice. Topics include: relativism, the sources of competing conceptions of justice and equality, cost-benefit analysis, distributive justice, and beneficence.
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VALUES 513 Capstone Workshop (2) Michael I Blake, Sara L. Goering, Stephen M. Gardiner
Collaborative research workshop. Capstone course for the values-in-society graduate certificate program. Prerequisite: VALUES 511 or VALUES 512. Offered: Sp.
View course details in MyPlan: VALUES 513

VALUES 591 Ethics Matters in Science: Research Questions as Moral Questions (3)
Aims to introduce graduate and professional students from a wide range of primarily non-medical scientific backgrounds to some common moral questions that arise in the course of doing scientific research, and to provide a basic philosophical framework for thinking about related issues that arise within their own disciplines or fields.
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