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SCTL 501 Introduction to Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics (1)
Covers physical and information flows in supply-chains, and the economic drivers of supply chain choices. Explores methods to analyze and improve logistics and transportation systems, including applications of policy, technology, and infrastructure. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: A.
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SCTL 502 IT Systems and Supply Chain Integration (5)
Provides an overview of the key IT systems that form the technological backbone of a firm's supply chain. Also addresses the approaches and challenges posed by internal systems integration as well as external data exchange with key suppliers and customers. Offered: A.
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SCTL 503 Inventory Management (5)
Examines modeling and analysis of inventory flow in supply chains in order to improve service and decrease cost. Covers tools and methods for making long-term and short-term inventory related decisions for items with different demand and supply characteristics. Topics include forecasting, production planning, deterministic and stochastic inventory models, and supply management. Offered: W.
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SCTL 504 Facility Design and Operations Management (5)
Introduces the fundamental principles , concepts, and procedures for designing and managing supply-chain networks of factories, suppliers, warehouses, and distribution centers. Students learn to use engineering systems design methodologies and software to construct appropriately detailed quantitative models, evaluate alternative supply network configurations, and assess the management of their operations. Offered: Sp.
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SCTL 505 External Supply Chain Transportation Risks (5)
Introduction to the concepts of risk and uncertainty in supply chain transportation. Current practice is reviewed and allows students to understand the value of certainty or information. Students learn to identify and manage risks and uncertainties, and the impact of these strategies on other goals and metrics. Offered: S.
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SCTL 506 Finance and Performance Management (5)
Using financial analysis techniques, students learn how changes in logistics and transportation can impact cash flow and therefore the value of an enterprise. Includes tools for mapping steps in the supply chain, creating metrics to monitor and manage those steps, and developing strategies for improvement. Offered: A.
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SCTL 507 Practicum (5)
Students identify and analyze a real-world supply chain/transportation challenge, create a project plan to address it, and gain the buy-in of senior executives by delivering a presentation that describes in detail their approach and how they will achieve the identified outcomes. Offered: S.
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SCTL 508 Collaboration Across the Supply Chain (5)
Examines the role of the extended enterprise in the contemporary supply chain as well as the approaches, challenge, and benefits supply chain collaboration can offer. Offered: A.
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SCTL 510 Freight Transport (5)
Introduction to freight management systems and analysis, addressing key components of transportation in the context of strategic, business, and operational management of complex supply chains. Course covers the tools, approaches, and techniques used in the design, procurement, management, operations, and analysis of freight transport. Recommended: Enrollment Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Master's degree program. Offered: W.
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SCTL 511 Foundations of Data Analysis (2)
Teaches students the basic concepts that are required to make data-driven decisions. Covers data modeling, identifying, collecting, manipulating, and correlating data sets, descriptive and diagnostic analysis, and other topics. Prerequisite: SCTL 501. Offered: A.
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