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O S 521 P-Oral Pathology (3-, max. 6) Oda
Survey of the diseases of the oral facial regions in lecture and laboratory sessions. Diseases of teeth and their supporting structures and diseases of the oral and paraoral soft tissues and bones. Correlations between clinical findings and histopathologic features. Attendance in the laboratory is required. Offered: jointly with ORALB 572; AW.
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O S 550 P-Directed Studies in Oral Surgery (*, max. 16)
See DPHS 449 for course description. Credit/no-credit only.
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O S 565 Clinical and Histopathological Correlation II (1-3, max. 10)
Three quarter advanced oral pathology course designed to interpret the clinical changes of a disease through the lenses through a microscope. Covers around 200 jaw bone and soft tissue disease to include cysts and neoplasms of the jaws and blood diseases of the jaws and soft tissue. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Instructors: Oda Offered: jointly with ORALB 565; AWSpS.
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O S 574 Clinical Stomatology (3) Y. RAWAL
Diseases of the oral cavity and jaw are presented as the practitioner encounters them - detailed clinical pictures, laboratory tests, radiographic findings, surgical exploration for the establishment of a therapeutic diagnosis. Offered: jointly with ORALB 574; Sp.
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