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NME 220 Introduction to Molecular and Nanoscale Principles (4) NW
Introduction to theories and concepts of molecular and nanoscale systems to raise awareness of technological and societal transformations anticipated through progress in nanotechnology. Prerequisite: either CHEM 142, CHEM 144, or CHEM 145; either MATH 126 or MATH 136; PHYS 121.
Instructor Course Description: Rene M Overney

NME 221 Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Seminar I (1) Overney
Introduces nanoscience and molecular engineering, and offers the opportunity of a first intellectual and interdisciplinary forum with interactions with members of research groups in the field. First in a series of three. Prerequisite: NME 220, which may be taken concurrently. Credit/no-credit only.

NME 321 Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Seminar II (1) Overney
Demonstrates how to tackle research challenges, put results into the framework of the open literature, and present and interpret data. Discusses contemporary societal and ethical aspects in nanoscience and molecular engineering. Second in a series of three. Recommended: NME 221. Credit/no-credit only.

NME 421 Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering Seminar III (1) Overney
Provides students with the opportunity to present their research results obtained during undergraduate research studies. Assessing the work of their peers and receiving feedback on their work, students further refine their ability in conducting and presenting research. Third in a series of three. Prerequisite: NME 321. Credit/no-credit only.

NME 498 Special Topics in Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering (1-4, max. 12) Overney
Topics of current interest in the field.
Instructor Course Description: Marjorie A Olmstead