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LAW B 500 Civil Procedure II (2-4)

Instructor Course Description: Kathleen M. Mcginnis

LAW B 503 Evidence ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 506 Conflicts of Laws ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 507 Federal Courts and the Federal System (3/4)

LAW B 510 Problems of Professional Responsibility (2-4, max. 4)

Instructor Course Description: Lea B. Vaughn

LAW B 511 Seminar on Problems in International Environmental Law ([1-4]-, max. 4)

LAW B 512 Legislation and the Formulation of Public Policy (2-3)

LAW B 513 Evidence Seminar ([2-4]-, max. 4)

LAW B 514 Street LawClinic ([1-8]-, max. 8)

LAW B 515 Criminal Procedure: Investigation (5)

Instructor Course Description: Mary D Fan

LAW B 516 International Contracting ([2-4]-, max. 4)

LAW B 517 Juvenile Justice Seminar ([1-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 518 Appellate Advocacy ([1-3]-, max. 3)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 519 Pre-Trial Practice (3-4)
Offered: A.

LAW B 520 Trial Advocacy ([2-6]-, max. 6)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 521 Trial Advocacy II (3-, max. 6) Howard
Addresses more advanced trial advocacy issues than are covered in LAW B 520. Includes a civil or criminal track of study and work with trial lawyers who specialize in that area of practice on more sophisticated issues of strategy, evidence, creative use of exhibits at trial, technology in the courtroom, and ethics. Prerequisite: LAW B 520; permission of the Director of the Trial Advocacy Program. Offered: WSp.

LAW B 522 Mediation Skills Training (1)
Focuses on collaborative style of mediation. Through a mix of theory and practice, students learn the skills, tools, and processes used by mediators. Students observe and practice the five-steps of the mediation process, through demonstrations and roleplaying. Individual coaches work with students to hone their skills. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AW.

LAW B 523 Negotiation (2-4, max. 4)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 524 Alternative Dispute Resolution Seminar (2-, max. 4)
Provides opportunities for study, research, and writing related to the legal, policy, and ethical issues in the emerging field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Research papers satisfy the advanced writing requirement for JD students. Prerequisite: permission of instructor if LAW B 525 already completed.

LAW B 525 Alternative Dispute Resolution (3)
Overview of alternative dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, med-arb, early neutral evaluation, mini-trials, summary jury trials, and E-ADR. Critical evaluation of each process occurs through a combination of assigned readings, roleplay exercises, videotapes, guest presentations, and student-designed classes.

LAW B 526 Mediation Clinic ([1-10]-, max. 10)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 527 Criminal Prosecution Clinic (8)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 528 Workers' Rights Clinic ([2-8]-, max. 8)
Provides clinical training in workers' rights and administrative law under the supervision of members of the Law School faculty. Students represent workers in employment law matters such as unemployment compensation benefits or wage claims. Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 529 Advanced Environmental Law and Practice ([1-4]-, max. 4)

LAW B 530 Judicial Externship (1-15, max. 15)

LAW B 531 Immigration Law Clinic ([1-8]-, max. 8)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 532 Advanced Clinic (1-4, max. 4)
Advanced clinical training under the supervision of a law school faculty member in order to complete a project or case begun by the student during a clinic, or to pursue in more depth the subject of the clinic. Prerequisite: Clinical basis for continued work. Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 533 Interviewing and Counseling for Lawyers (2/3)
Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Marilyn Jean Endriss

LAW B 534 Affordable Housing Development Clinic ([1-12]-, max. 12)

LAW B 535 Legislative Externship (1-15, max. 15)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 536 Drafting Business Documents ([1-3]-, max. 3)

LAW B 537 Refugee Advocacy Clinic ([1-12]-, max. 12)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 538 Agency Externships (1-15, max. 15)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 539 Public Interest Law Externship ([1-15]-, max. 15)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 540 Japanese Law (4)
Basic institutions and processes of the Japanese legal system. Historical development and traditional role of law, reception of Western law, and cultural and structural factors that influence the function of law and legal institutions. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 540.

LAW B 541 Chinese Law (4)
Introduction to the institutions and processes of the Chinese legal system. Focuses on the contemporary system and its role in relation to political, economic, and social developments. Examines legal aspects governing foreign trade and investment in China. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 541.

LAW B 542 Comparative Korean Law (2-4) Taylor
Introduction to basic institutions and processes of the Korean legal systems. Emphasis on the historical development and traditional roles of law, the reception of Western law, and cultural and structural factors that influence the function of law and legal institutions.

LAW B 544 Civil Litigation in Comparative Context ([2-4]-, max. 4)
Covers international jurisdiction, service process abroad, taking evidence abroad, applicable laws and treaties, comparison of trial procedures, enforcement of foreign judgments, and use of arbitration. Uses United States and translated Japanese cases.

LAW B 545 Survey of American Law and Practice (6)
Provides an integrated introduction to the U. S. legal system, legal analysis, legal research, and legal writing. Introduces tools and techniques for basic legal research in U. S. materials. Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 546 Seminar on Cross-Border Business Transactions Between China and the United States (4) Page, Zang.
Uses case study methodology to explore how United States and Chinese economic policy and business law are used in achieving Chinese-US cross-border transactions.
Instructor Course Description: Veronica Taylor

LAW B 547 Comparative Constitutional Law (2-5)
Examines the constitutional structure of the U.S. government and the jurisprudence of U.S. constitutional courts, and compares them with the constitutional structures and jurisprudence of several foreign countries.

LAW B 548 Forensics (4) Bailey
Introduces the world of expert witnesses in both criminal and civil cases, looking at the forms of scientific and technical knowledge commonly involved. Covers not only the standard and rules governing expert testimony, but also provide opportunities for hand on experience. Offered: W.

LAW B 549 Government Regulation of Business in Japan (3)
Offered: jointly with JSIS D 549.

LAW B 550 American Legal Systems and Method ([1-6]-, max. 6)
Provides an integrated introduction to the basic structure and principles of the U.S. public and private law systems; the sources and techniques for basic legal research; and the analytical and writing skills expected of U.S. trained lawyers.

LAW B 551 Comparative Law Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 552 Tutorial in Comparative Law ([1-4]-, max. 6)

LAW B 553 Chinese Legal Tradition (3)
Offered: jointly with JSIS D 553.

LAW B 554 Research Tutorial ([1-12]-, max. 12)
Introduces students to social science research methods that may be applicable to their research agenda. Focuses on reading, discussion, commentary, writing, and especially rewriting under close and targeted supervision by the professor. Offered: jointly with JSIS 595.

LAW B 555 Roman Law (3)

LAW B 556 Islamic Law (2-5)
Selected topics in Islamic law that highlight major aspects of Islamic civilization. Offered: jointly with NEAR E 524.

LAW B 557 Graduate Writing Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6)
Through class instruction and individual tutoring, students select research topics, submit periodic writing assignments, and make formal presentations, culminating in the submission of a major research paper.

LAW B 558 Doctoral Thesis Seminar (2-10, max. 10)
Students draft thesis abstracts, tables of contents, preliminary chapters, and present arguments orally to identify core theories and applied studies to incorporate in their work. Read a selection of published work and indicative articles drawn from the list of relevant sources for individual thesis-in-development.

LAW B 559 Comparative Law: Europe, Latin America, and East Asia (4)

LAW B 560 Criminal Justice Externship (1-15, max. 15)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 561 International Law of the Sea (3-4)

Instructor Course Description: Craig H. Allen

LAW B 562 Quantitative Methods (4)
Covers logic, applications, and limits of quantitative reasoning in the law. Includes mathematics from areas such as statistics, game theory, and social-choice theory, together with legal examples from areas such as discrimination, torts, and CLS to help (re)consider issues such as proof, deterrence, and identity politics.

LAW B 563 Marine Law and Policy Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6)
Study and research in selected legal problems relating to ocean and coastal law, marine trade and transportation, marine resources, and protection of the marine environment. Students prepare and present a research paper and critique papers prepared by other students. Prerequisite: LAW B 561, LAW B 565.
Instructor Course Description: Craig H. Allen

LAW B 564 Women, Poverty, and Natural Resource Management (2-4)
Uses an interdisciplinary approach to issues of development and environmental conservation, helping students to understand the complexities that face policy and law reform in developing countries. Discusses gender mainstreaming as a prerequisite to development and conservation solutions. Offered: A.

LAW B 565 U.S. Coastal and Ocean Law (3-5) Allen
Study of the legal framework in the United States controlling allocation and use of coastal and marine resources. Topics include coastal zone management, fisheries management, protection of marine mammals and endangered species, marine pollution, offshore oil and gas development, and marine transportation.
Instructor Course Description: Craig H. Allen

LAW B 567 General Externship Perspectives Seminar (2, max. 6)
Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: William Edward Covington Steve P Calandrillo

LAW B 568 Field Seminar in Law, Rights, and Governance (3-5) S. PEKKANEN, A. GODOY, M. SPARKE, K. FRIEDMAN
Exposes students to theoretical and policy debates about the causes and consequences of legal evolution, rule of law, and a broad range of world governance concerns. Topics include human rights, markets, commerce, climate, environment, migration, institutions, justice, order, and rule of law. Offered: jointly with JSIS 599.

LAW B 570 Bio-entrepreneurship and the Law (3)
Covers legal issues in bio-entrepreneurship by tracking product development through a VC-backed start-up company.

LAW B 573 Supreme Court Decision Making (2-4, max. 4)
Examines Supreme Court decision making from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Surveys representative cases on the Court's current docket. Extensive preparation required of participants, who play the roles of lawyers, justices, and commentators. Emphasis on developing appellate advocacy skills.

LAW B 575 Family Law: Selected Topics (2) Mastroianni, Price
Covers current cutting-edge and complex areas of family law that challenge traditional definitions of "family." Examines marriage, dissolution, and parenting disputes through the lens of "nontraditional" families and families created through medical intervention. Prerequisite: LAW A 580 or permission of instructor. Offered: A.

LAW B 576 Climate Justice Seminar ([1-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 577 Law, Literature and Film ([2-4]-, max. 4)
An examination of literary and cinematic portrayals of, and issues important to law, lawyers, and the legal system. Considers both portrayals purporting to depict the legal system as well as works envisioning lawyers and the legal system in a "better world."

LAW B 578 Seminar on Legal Problems of Economic Development ([1-6]-, max. 6)

Instructor Course Description: Roy L Prosterman

LAW B 579 Law and Development: History and Theories (3-4) Ramasastry
Examines the role of law in fostering economic and social development in developing countries, emerging markets, and nations in transition. Provides a historical overview of the role of law in alleviating poverty and exposes students to key theoretical perspectives. Offered: A.

LAW B 580 Externship Tutorial (2)
Credit/no-credit only.

LAW B 581 Land, American Culture, and the Law: Perspectives on the Use and Ownership of the Natural Environment ([1-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 582 International Development Practicum (1-6, max. 6)
Provides experience with an approved non-profit organization, business, judicial or legislative body, or intergovernmental or governmental agency on issues related to law and development and sustainable development. Students work under the guidance of experienced practitioners. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.

LAW B 584 Indian Law Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6)
Covers advanced topics in Indian Law. Prerequisite: LAW A 565 or permission of instructor.
Instructor Course Description: Thomas Paul Schlosser

LAW B 585 Natural Resources Law ([1-4]-, max. 4)

LAW B 590 The United States Constitution: Past, Present, and Future (2)

LAW B 591 Law and Society in Asia ([2-6]-, max. 6)

Instructor Course Description: Chulwoo Lee

LAW B 593 Natural Resources Commons Property (3)
A review of the different forms of natural resources and an exploration of the desirability of managing certain resources as commons or private property. Covers a review of the successes and failures by various groups in setting policy in this area.

LAW B 594 Public Land Law Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 595 International Humanitarian Law (3-5) Lorenz
Investigates International Humanitarian Law (sometimes called the Law of Armed Conflict), the field concerned with rules developed by civilized nations to protect victims of armed conflict, including the Geneva Conventions. Case studies include the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as developments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Offered: Sp.

LAW B 596 International Protection of Human Rights ([2-4]-, max. 6) Stilt
Examines international treaty and customary law protecting fundamental huam rights against abuse by governments. Major international systems studied are the U.N., the Council of Europe, and the O.A.S. Readings include inter-national and American judicial opinions, treaties, and studies by human rights groups and scholars.

LAW B 597 History of the Formation of the United States Constitution Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW B 598 Advanced Research and Writing Seminar ([1-6]-, max. 6)

Instructor Course Description: Frederick M. Lorenz

LAW B 599 Special Topics (1-12, max. 12)

Instructor Course Description: G. Andrew H. Benjamin George Yeannakis Ron Whitener