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LAW A 501 Contracts ([2-8]-, max. 8)

Instructor Course Description: Steve P Calandrillo

LAW A 502 Civil Procedure I ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW A 503 Property I ([2-8]-, max. 8)

LAW A 504 Torts ([2-8]-, max. 8)

LAW A 505 Criminal Law ([2-5]-, max. 5)

LAW A 506 Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing ([1-7]-, max. 7)

Instructor Course Description: Deborah Maranville Sarah Farley Kaltsounis

LAW A 507 Constitutional Law I: Constitutional Structures of Government ([3/6]-, max. 6)

Instructor Course Description: Amit Ranade

LAW A 508 Comparative and International Law Survey (3) Taylor, Walsh, Winn
Survey of basic principles of public international law; comparative and historical overview of various legal traditions (civil law, common law, Islamic law, and mixed systems). Examines sources, subjects, and challenges of international law, and methodology of comparing foreign legal systems, providing perspective on U.S. legal system and rules. Offered: Sp.

LAW A 509 Administrative Law (3-5)

Instructor Course Description: William Andersen

LAW A 510 Sales (3-4)

Instructor Course Description: Anita G. Ramasastry

LAW A 511 Payment Systems (2/4)

LAW A 512 Secured Transactions (3-4)

Instructor Course Description: Steve P Calandrillo

LAW A 513 Creditor-Debtor Law ([2-3]-, max. 5)

LAW A 514 Publicly Held Corporations (3)

LAW A 515 Business Organizations (4-5)

LAW A 516 Legal Accounting (3)

Instructor Course Description: Joseph L. Brotherton

LAW A 517 Securities Regulations (4)
Examines the federal regulations of the offer and sale of securities and the public offering process under the Securities Act of 1933; exemptions from federal registration; the reporting obligations of public companies under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and the examination of the impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

LAW A 518 Restitution (3)

LAW A 519 Transmission of Wealth (5)

LAW A 520 Property II ([2-8]-, max. 8)

LAW A 521 Community Property (2/3)

LAW A 522 Copyright (3/4)

LAW A 523 Real Estate Transactions (3/4)

LAW A 524 Private Land Development (3)

LAW A 525 Water Law (4)

LAW A 526 Copyrights and Trademarks (5)

LAW A 527 Environmental Law: Pollution Control (4)

LAW A 529 Public Land Law (3)

LAW A 530 Basic Income Tax ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW A 531 Death and Gift Taxation (2-5, max. 5)

LAW A 532 Taxation of Business Entities (5)

LAW A 534 Mergers and Acquisitions (4-6)
Deals with tactics, strategy, and state and federal law relating to transactions by means of which corporations and other forms of business entity combine. Emphasizes corporate law with some treatment of federal tax and securities law issues. Prerequisite: either LAW A 515 or LAW A 567.

LAW A 535 Trademarks and Unfair Competition (2)

LAW A 537 Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies (4-)

LAW A 538 Estate Planning Workshop (3-4)

LAW A 540 Land Use Planning Seminar (3)

LAW A 541 Transnational Tax (5)

LAW A 542 Land Law and the Urban Environment (3)

LAW A 543 Business Reorganization Under the Bankruptcy Code (4)

LAW A 544 Transnational Commercial Law (3-4)
Examines the political economy of transnational commercial law, considering its nature and sources, the institutions and methods through which it is develops, and some key problems involved in harmonization of commercial law. Uses select international harmonization instruments (e.g. Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment, UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods) to illustrate and critique different methodological and institutional approaches.

LAW A 545 International Environmental Law (3-4)

LAW A 546 Patents ([2-4]-, max. 4)

LAW A 547 Critical Perspectives on Law Seminar ([2-4]-, max. 4)
Considers law from the point of view of Continental philosophy and critical social theory. Involves close readings and intensive discussion of canonical texts from various critical traditions of thinking about law. Students also write and present papers concerning themes raised by the readings. Offered: A.

LAW A 548 Civil Rights ([2-6]-, max. 6)

LAW A 549 Advanced Legal Research (4)

Instructor Course Description: Penelope A Hazelton

LAW A 550 Constitutional Law ([2-8]-, max. 8)

LAW A 551 Constitution and American Public Education (3-6, max. 6)

LAW A 552 Antitrust Law and Policy ([2-5]-, max. 5)

Instructor Course Description: Dwight Julian Drake

LAW A 553 Feminist Jurisprudence (4)
Explores the intersections of law and sex, gender, and sexuality with the aid of various theoretical lenses, prominently feminist legal theory. Focuses on those areas of law where notions of sex, gender, and sexuality seem conflated and confused.

LAW A 554 Labor Relations and the Law ([1-5]-, max. 5)

LAW A 556 Employment Discrimination ([2-4]-, max. 4)

LAW A 558 National Security Law Seminar ([2-6]-, max. 6) Allen
Three-quarter seminar that provides an opportunity for study and research in selected legal issues relating to national security law and its processes and institutions. Prerequisite: LAW A 507; recommended: LAW A 574; LAW A 557, either of which may be taken concurrently. Offered: AWSp.

LAW A 560 Employment Issues (2/3)
Examination of issues under selected employee protection laws. Analysis of the Fair Labor Standards Act, Workers' Compensation, and Social Security Act (related to retirement, disability, and supplemental income benefits). Includes assessment of public assistance issues for low-wage workers. Prerequisite: LAW A 509, LAW A 562, or permission of instructor.

LAW A 561 Law and Economics (2-4, max. 4)
Offered: jointly with PB AF 519.
Instructor Course Description: Steve P Calandrillo

LAW A 562 Employment Law (3-4)
E Examines the law governing the employment relationship, including the establishment and termination of employment. Topics include employee duties, prohibited employment practices, regulation of wages, hours, and benefits of employment, workers' compensation, and occupational safety and health.
Instructor Course Description: Lea B. Vaughn

LAW A 563 Local Government Law (3)

LAW A 564 American Legal History (1-4, max. 4)
Reviews the American legal history from colonial times to the civil rights era. Readings cover early constitutionalism, the republican revolution, the antebellum movement, the end of slavery, the regulatory state, and rights of women and minority groups.

LAW A 565 American Indian Law (4)

LAW A 566 Theories of Justice ([2-4]-, max. 4)

LAW A 567 Closely Held Business Organizations (4)
Examines elements of various unincorporated business forms and closely held corporations. Reviews relevant state statutes and case law related to each form relevant to advising small business clients on the choice of business form utilized in their ventures. Not open to students who have taken LAW A 515. Offered: A.

LAW A 568 Collective Bargaining and Labor Arbitration (2-4)

LAW A 569 Investments Funds and Managers Seminar (3) Krug
Explores U.S. regulation of investment managers and invest companies, including hedge funds and mutual funds. Topics draw heavily from federal securities laws, particularly the Investment Advisers Act and the Invest Company Act of 1940, and encompass regulatory developments/proposals and policy considerations underpinning investment industry regulation. Offered: Sp.

LAW A 571 International Organizations Seminar (3)
Provides a critical introduction to some of the issues that are important to understanding how international organizations function today. Focuses on the role of international organizations in the modern forms of international law-making, regulation, and global governance.

LAW A 572 Criminal Justice Policy (4)
Provides overview of key policy issues arising in the criminal justice system, such as mass incarceration, victim's rights movement, racial disparities, and wrongful conviction. Considers role of prosecutors and public defenders in contributing to or alleviating these problems, and how participants in the system can provide leadership in addressing them.

LAW A 574 International Law (2-4, max. 4)

Instructor Course Description: Craig H. Allen

LAW A 575 Human Rights History: Rights, Revolutions, Republics, 1750-1850 (4) Walsh
Comparative constitutional history of rights lawyering. Includes political trials form French Revolution in Europe through postcolonial Jacksonian American Republic. Covers basic rhetoric of early human rights discourse: on treason, seditious libel, racial equality, servitude, labor conspiracy, religious liberty, consumer protection, and codification. Offered: W.

LAW A 576 Cross-Border and International Criminal Law (3-4) Allen
Examines responses by states and international organizations to international and transnational crimes. Covers substantive and procedural international criminal law, criminal responsibility, defenses and immunities, and the prosecution and punishment of international criminals in both national and in international tribunals. Prerequisite: LAW A 505; recommended: LAW A 574. Offered: W.

LAW A 577 Immigration Law (3/4)

LAW A 578 International Business Transactions ([1-4]-, max. 4)

LAW A 579 Child Advocacy Seminar (2-4, max. 4) Kelly
Includes child abuse and neglect, parental rights termination, paternity, and an overview of other practice areas as they intersect with issues of child abuse and neglect. Focuses on Washington law and practice, covering applicable substantive and procedural law, local practice rules, and professional responsibility. Offered: A.

LAW A 580 Family Law (3-5)

Instructor Course Description: Anna C. Mastroianni

LAW A 581 Washington Constitutional Law Seminar ([1-4]-, max. 4)
Studies the history, structure, content, and role of state constitutions generally, and the development of Washington's constitution in particular. Examines the important distinctions between the federal constitution and state document, and the interplay between them. Covers state declarations of rights and the substantive sections of state constitutions that relate to the structure, role, and constraints. Offered: A.
Instructor Course Description: Hugh D Spitzer

LAW A 582 Bankruptcy (3-4)

LAW A 583 Insurance Law (4)

Instructor Course Description: Karen S. Weaver

LAW A 584 American Public School Law (3)
Constitutional, statutory, and common law principles common to all public education systems within the United States. Applicable law in a variety of substantive legal areas such as torts, property, contracts, administrative law, and fundamental rights. Offered: Sp.
Instructor Course Description: Sharan E Brown

LAW A 585 Admiralty (3-5)

Instructor Course Description: Craig H. Allen

LAW A 586 Advanced Family Law Seminar (2-4)
Discusses family law topics previously excluded or covered only minimally including: adoption, paternity, guardianship, third-party custody, parenting plans in the child welfare context, and family law in the intimate partner violence context. Prerequisite: LAW A 580.

LAW A 588 Survey of the American Judiciary (1) Ramasastry
Provides a survey of the American Judiciary. Students learn about a variety of proceedings, including innovation drug courts. Students compare observations of the American Judiciary with their home country's judicial system. Prerequisite: either SID LLM students or permission of instructor. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: Sp.

LAW A 589 Elder Law (4)

LAW A 590 Constitutional Law: Equal Protection, Fundamental Rights, and Due Process of Law (4-5)

LAW A 591 Constitutional Law: Freedom of Expression (4-5)

LAW A 592 Constitutional Law II ([2-8]-, max. 8)
Examines individual constitutional rights, primarily involving guarantees of due process and equal protection found in the 5th and 14th Amendments. Focuses on constitutionality of laws that classify people on basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, and other bases, as well as laws that restrict abortion, contraception, sexual activity, and other individual freedoms. Prerequisite: LAW A 507.

LAW A 595 Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy ([2-4]-, max. 4)
Surveys classic jurisprudential questions in the study of the nature, norms, and justifications of legal systems. Focuses on theories of adjudication, and covers the major twentieth and twenty-first century schools of jurisprudential thought, especially American Legal Realism, Natural Law, Legal Positivism, and Critical Legal Theory.

LAW A 597 Intensive Legal Writing Workshop (2-4)
Focuses on how the rhetorical situation of legal writing influences choices about grammar, syntax, sentence structure, and paragraph structure. Students learn to use structures that best serve law-trained readers' needs for clear, concise, cohesive writing, and practice critical reading skills and techniques for self- and peer-editing.

LAW A 598 Legal Research I (3)
Introduction to legal bibliography and law librarianship. Basic primary and secondary legal bibliographic tools. Integration of manual and computer resources for effective legal research. Emphasis on state materials. Offered: jointly with LIS 591.

LAW A 599 Legal Research Methods (3/4)
Legal tools that answer more complex legal research problems, such as federal legislative histories, sources of administrative law, specialized subject research. Federal emphasis. Builds on skills and techniques taught in LIS 591/LAW A 598. Extensive work with online resources. Prerequisite: LIS 591 or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with LIS 592.