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JSIS D 140 Russia from the Tenth Century to the Present (5) SSc
Russian political, social, and economic history from the tenth century to the present. Offered: jointly with HSTEU 140.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 140

JSIS D 217 Renaissance, Enlightenment, Revolution: Major Works in English (5) SSc/A&H
Introduction to major figures of French culture from the Middle Ages to the eighteenth century, their contributions to the intellectual life of the Western world. Readings include Montaigne, Descartes, Rousseau, Voltaire, and Moliere. In English. Offered: jointly with FRENCH 211.
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JSIS D 317 Scandinavian Crime Fiction (5) A&H
Studies Scandinavian crime-fiction literature and cinema since 1965, approaching crime fiction as a changing cultural artifact. Analyzes major issues and texts in the genre and its public status, while also training students in critical approaches to study of popular literature and culture. Offered: jointly with SCAND 315; Sp.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 317

JSIS D 323 Globalization and You (5) SSc
Offers an evidence-based analysis of globalization that addresses how individuals are affected personally as well as economically a midst the market-led processes of global integration. Offered: jointly with GEOG 323; A.
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JSIS D 354 Modern China: From Empire to Republics (5)
Surveys the major historical events and discourses of twentieth century China and lays a foundation for understanding contemporary China. Themes include reforms; revolutions; colonialism and imperialism; state and society; and social and cultural changes. Offered: jointly with HSTAS 354.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 354

JSIS D 429 International Population (5) SSc
Demographic situation of the world and of major world regions. The demographic transition. Topics include public health, policies of fertility and mortality control, international migration, relation of population growth to economic development, social change, and resource constraints. Exploration and manipulation of international demographic data.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 429

JSIS D 432 Technology and Culture in the Making of Contemporary Empires (5) SSc
Explores the struggles that shaped organization of the U.S. empire at the turn of the twentieth century, focusing on how empire's material, cultural, and ideological boundaries were drawn. Topics include race, gender, and class as colonial formations; technologies of imperial governance such as public health, citizenship and territory; and popular culture. Offered: jointly with C LIT 432.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 432

JSIS D 435 Population and Modernization (3) SSc
Examines role of demographic factors in the process of social modernization and economic growth. The approach is both historical, focusing on populations of developed countries since 1700, and analytic, stressing the attempts made by different disciplines to model demographic relationships, with attention to less-developed regions. Offered: jointly with SOC 432.
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JSIS D 443 Class and Culture in East Asia (5) SSc, DIV
Examines the nexus between culture and systems of social stratification/class in East Asia, with an emphasis on Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China. Topics include class formation, mechanisms of social mobility and reproduction, markers of status and hierarchy, resistance, and the formation of class identity. Offered: jointly with ANTH 446.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 443

JSIS D 450 Political Economy of Women and Family in the Third World (5) SSc
Theoretical and empirical aspects of the political economy of women and the family in the Third World during the process of development, with a focus on labor. Main theoretical approaches examined and applied to case studies from Asia and Latin America. Offered: jointly with SOC 450.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 450

JSIS D 451 Cultural Geography of Latin America (5) SSc
Interdisciplinary senior seminar examining how physical and social geographies are culturally constructed and interconnected with subjectivities and power in Latin America. Topics include identity formation grounded in particular territories and the social constitution of space via an interplay of material and cultural forces. Offered: jointly with GEOG 451.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 451

JSIS D 453 Art, Religion, and Politics in Byzantium, 700-1453 AD (3) A&H/SSc
Evolution of the art of Byzantium (700-1453 AD) in the context of contemporary religious, political, and cultural developments. Offered: jointly with ART H 453.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 453

JSIS D 511 Chinese History: Research Methods and Bibliographic Guides (3, max. 6)
Introductory research seminar dealing with the methodological and bibliographical problems concerning all periods and aspects of Chinese history from the earliest times to the nineteenth century. Prerequisite: two years of classical or modern Chinese.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 511

JSIS D 517 Foreign Trade and Investment Law of the People's Republic of China ([1-4]-, max. 4)
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 517

JSIS D 530 Religion and Literature (5)
The relation of religious thought to the study of imaginative literature. Includes both critical theory and practical criticism of exemplary texts.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 530

JSIS D 533 Seminar on Contemporary Chinese Politics (5)
Research on selected problems in contemporary Chinese politics. Prerequisite: POL S 532, or permission of instructor. Offered: jointly with POL S 533.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 533

JSIS D 549 Government Regulation of Business in Japan (3)
Offered: jointly with LAW B 549.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 549

JSIS D 553 Chinese Legal Tradition (3)
Offered: jointly with LAW B 553.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 553

JSIS D 564 Seminar: Problems of Social and Political Development in Eastern Europe (3-6, max. 6)
Research seminar dealing with selected problems of continuity and change in eastern Europe. Prerequisite: some previous course work on eastern Europe.
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JSIS D 572 Cultures of Central Eurasia (5)
Introduces Central Eurasia with a focus on the cultural diversity and societies of the Central Asian republics and Inner Asia (Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet) as well as the adjacent areas of Afghanistan and Iran. Addresses intercultural dynamics, historic inequities, centers of power vs. margins, impact of colonialism on traditional cultures, contemporary inequalities, marginalities and their sociological and political ramifications. Offered: jointly with ANTH 522/MELC 558.
View course details in MyPlan: JSIS D 572