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HUM 205 Religion, Violence, and Peace: Patterns Across Time and Tradition (5) I&S, DIV Noegel, Wellman
Investigates the complex relationship between violence and peace in a variety of religious traditions. Examines case studies from the ancient Near East, medieval East Asia, and the contemporary West from the standpoint of lived experiences and contemporary theories derived from several academic disciplines. Offered: jointly with JSIS C 205/NEAR E 205; W.

HUM 498 Special Topics in the Humanities (1-6, max. 15) VLPA/I&S
Intensive research opportunity, for work on project of independent and/or original design in the cultural disciplines. Mentored by UW and visiting faculty in the arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences, by arrangement only. Offered: S.
Instructor Course Description: Andrew Light Gary J Handwerk Lucy A. Jarosz Jose Alaniz Sandra M. Chait Theresa M Ronquillo

HUM 523 Seminar in Hypertext and Textual Studies (5)
Several views of hypertext conceptually explored as a basis for research and evaluation of selected hypertext works. Includes initiating the construction of a World Wide Web hypertext of resources for the study of oral, graphical, hand-written, and printed texts. Included in curriculum of Textual Studies program.
Instructor Course Description: Miceal F Vaughan

HUM 595 Public Culture, Engaged Scholarship (1-5, max. 25)
Explores relations among cultural research, public practice, and diverse forms of engagement. Topics vary by instructor.
Instructor Course Description: Angelica S. Macklin Amanda L Swarr Joseph Adam Milutis Linda S Watts Michelle Habell-Pallan

HUM 596 Humanities Research Seminar (1-5, max. 15)
Explorations of current research in the humanities, most frequently with interdisciplinary emphasis. Offered by selected UW faculty and scholars-in-residence.
Instructor Course Description: David Odai Johnson Margaret Alison Wylie Benjamin Richard Gardner Judith A Howard Joseph Adam Milutis Kathleen Woodward Marek K. Wieczorek Rebecca M Lemov Ronald Thomas Foster Zahid R Chaudhary

HUM 597 Special Topics in the Humanities (1-2, max. 10)
Credit/no-credit only.
Instructor Course Description: Sareeta Bipin Amrute Cynthia Steele Deborah E. Kamen Jean Valerie Roberts Jack Turner Iii Celia Lowe Renee Delong Matthew Sparke Edward T Mack

HUM 600 Independent Study or Research (1-5, max. 10)
Develops research ideas, practices, and their implication for applications in particular contexts not covered in standard course offerings. Supports students' specific educational goals. May be undertaken individually or in small investigative teams. Offered: AWSpS.

HUM 601 Internship (2-6, max. 12)
Internship with a local organization, agency, or company that provides a field-based, applied learning opportunity; aligns with student's professional and scholarly development goals; benefits the organizations; and has academic merit. Engages with and reflects on cultural dimensions of work experience. Offered: AWSpS.

HUM 602 Capstone Project (3-5)
Research, teaching, or engagement experience developed with a capstone advisor and scaled to student's educational goals. Prerequisite: HUM 594. Offered: AWSpS.

HUM 603 Capstone Portfolio (1)
Completes the Graduate Certificate in Public Scholarship. Links examples of students' public and applied scholarly work to learning objectives of the Certificate and to personal and professional goals; and articulates the significance of the work to different academic and professional audiences. Credit/no-credit only. Offered: AWSpS.