Authority to Publish and Coordinate the Review of University of Washington Rules, Bylaws, Orders, and Policies

1.  Publication Authorization

The University Policy and Rules Office will publish changes to the appropriate University policy resource when directed to do so by the individual authorized to certify that the statement has been properly approved for publication. The following persons are authorized to make such certification for the policy documents listed:

Documents Authorizing Person(s)
Board of Regents Governance
By-Laws, Standing Orders, and Regent Policies
Secretary of the Board of Regents
Presidential Orders, both Executive Orders and Administrative Orders President of the University or other individual delegated authority for this matter
Faculty Code and Governance Secretary of the Faculty
Administrative policies and information in the Administrative Policy Statements, Employment and Administrative Policies, and Student Policies The President, Provost, Vice President, or other individual delegated authority for this matter
Scholastic Regulations Secretary of the Faculty or other individual delegated authority for this matter
Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Rules UW Rules Coordinator

Recommendations for changes in administrative policies or information should be submitted in writing to the Rules Coordination Office for routing to the appropriate administrative officer for consideration and approval.

The effective date of each revision will appear on the published document and the Rules Coordination Office will maintain a file of signed authorizations in date order for each published document to support the changes made.

2.  Periodic Review of Current Policies

Policies should be periodically reviewed by the units responsible for each subject matter and revised as appropriate.

Executive Order No. 47