Guidelines for Reviews Initiated by the University Policy and Rules Office per Executive Order No. 47, Section 2

1. Determination for Review

The ongoing review of University of Washington rules, policies, and orders (hereafter policy) affects those that have not undergone review or revision for ten years or more. As a general practice the University Policy and Rules Office strives to review the entire policy or chapter when initiating a review per EO No. 47, Section 2, although in some cases a section may be singled out when codified policies are revised.

Reviews coordinate appropriate parties looking at the current language of a policy to determine whether or not the material is still accurate. The reviewer should consider the following factors:

a. Need

Is the policy still necessary, and is the purpose for which the policy was written still being met? Does the policy comply with relevant laws, regulations, and other current University policy and code? Is the policy obsolete, duplicative, or ambiguous to a degree that warrants rescission or revision?

b. Effectiveness

Is the policy providing the results that it was originally designed to achieve in a reasonable manner? Are there alternatives or new technologies that could more effectively  achieve the same objectives? Are any changes necessary to improve the effectiveness of the policy?

c. Clarity

Is the policy written and organized in a clear and concise manner so that it can be readily understood by those to whom it applies? Are changes necessary to improve the clarity of the policy?

d. Intent and Authority

Is the policy consistent with existing delegated authority and responsibilities and does it correctly cite existing internal units and external entities? Does the policy correctly cite relevant laws, regulations, policies, and codes?

e. Coordination

Should this policy be consolidated with any other policy within the UW Policy Directory? Are related procedures or relevant web pages clearly referenced?

2. Review Decisions

Reviews may be initiated throughout the academic year; however, policy revisions that follow a policy review are not subject to a particular time schedule. Following the review, a policy reviewer will be asked to take one of the following possible actions:

  • Affirm the policy should be retained without change.
  • Update the policy with minor housekeeping changes.*
  • Revise the policy as necessary, coordinating with the University Policy and Rules Office.
  • Recommend the policy be rescinded as no longer necessary and provide a statement why.

*Housekeeping changes consist of: updates to location, contact data, unit or office names, and personnel titles; or corrections to links, citations, or other external source information.