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September 2016 SAGE Subawards Release 2

This SAGE update introduces to you easier collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), more subaward status transparency and a refreshed user interface.


If you are a Subaward Preparer, you are able to:

  • Withdraw a subaward request with “In OSP” status
  • Cancel a subaward request either “In OSP” or “Withdrawn” status.

OSP can return subaward requests that are “In OSP” or “OSP Assigned” status  and will include an return comment so you can revise and resubmit.


For better transparency, a history of changes and comments now displays on your subaward.

You can track the following types of events and comments from the Subaward Overview and within each Subaward Request:

  • Status Changes (includes returns with explanations and related comments)
  • Ad hoc OSP comments to you about a subaward
  • OSP Assignment changes
  • Changes to attachments
  • Changes to OSP Assignment Date, Issue Date, and Fully Executed Date

The Subaward Overview page allows you to either view a comprehensive list of events for all related subaward requests, or filter to see only those for a particular request.

Ease of Use

Subawards refreshed design makes it easier for you to find the information that matters most.

Two new sections on the Subaward Overview Page:

  • Request In Process – This section helps you quickly identify the current request being worked on. This section includes requests that have not reached Active status (i.e. Composing, In OSP, OSP Assigned, Withdrawn, Returned, or Issued).
  • Processed Requests – This section includes any requests your items that have been processed for this subaward (i.e. Active, Expired, or Canceled).

You and OSP now share the same interface, which makes it easier for collaboration on subaward development.

My Subawards Task List

The “Latest Request Status” column helps you easily identify the status of requests that are still in process.

Your subaward requests in either “Returned” or “Withdrawn” status also have an arrow icon next to the status to help you identify those requiring action.

The OSP Managed Information section of the Subaward Details page includes the status, assignment date, and modification number values for the subaward request that are visible to campus (circled in red) and additional fields that are only visible in SPAERC.

The Event History & Comments section for the subaward will display any assignment, dates, or status changes you make.

Links to the auto-generated documents, described below, display at the bottom of this section.

subaward O S P managed information

Field Description
SA Assigned To By default, the system assigns a campus-created subaward request to Subaward Intake. (Campus visible field)
SA Assignment Date Enter the appropriate date. (Campus visible field)
SA Status The subaward request statuses are:

  • Pending
  • Active
  • Closed Out
  • Expired
  • Canceled

For more details on statuses, see the Subaward and Subaward Request Status article. (Campus visible field)

SA Issue Date Enter the appropriate date. (Campus visible field)
Modification Number Enter the number for this modification. (Campus visible field)
Fully Executed Date Enter the appropriate date. (Campus visible field)
FFATA Reporting Date Enter the date that the related subaward requests (SA) are entered into the FSRS federal database.
FA Project Type Read-only value of Grant or Contract.
(Place of Performance) PoP City Enter the name of the city.
PoP Country Select the appropriate country from the drop-down menu. If you select the United States, the additional Zip and State fields will display.
PoP State For places of performance in the United States, select the appropriate state from the drop-down menu.
PoP Zip (+4) For places of performance in the United States, enter in the 9-digit Zip code.
FA Amount The dollar amount of the associated Funding Action.
FA Sponsor Award Number The Sponsor Award Number from the associated Funding Action.
UW Budget Number The Budget Number assigned to the award.

Auto-Generated Documents

There are 7 types of auto-generated documents:

  • Email Notification which allows copies of attachments to be sent to the PI for any needed action.
  • Notice to NIH which allows the creation of an editable PDF letter for informing the NIH of any SFI associated with the contractor or the PI.
  • Cover Letter which allows the creation of an editable PDF cover letter to the subaward about the award.
  • Bilateral Modification/Amendment creates an editable email notification to be sent to vendors, with attachments.
  • Unilateral Modification/Amendment creates an editable email notification to be sent to vendors, with attachments.
  • Bilateral Subaward creates an editable email notification to be sent to vendors, with attachments.
  • Unilateral Subaward creates an editable email notification to be sent to vendors, with attachments.

For more information, see the Auto Generated Documents article.

You can view changes to the subaward and its subaward requests in this section.

subaward event history and comments

When viewing the Subaward Overview page, you’ll see an All Event History & Comments section which will show changes for the subaward and its subaward requests.

When viewing a Request Details page, you will see an Event History & Comments section that only shows events related to that specific request.

The section is an accordion which initially displays in collapsed mode. You can expand it by selecting the V-shaped “chevron” at the far right of the section title. Clicking the rotated chevron will collapse the section.

When expanded, you can select Filter to display the filtering options. For the Event Type filter, all of the check boxes are unselected by default, so all types display. To limit the list to just one or more types, select those check boxes.

  • Status Change – displays all status changes with their associated comments
  • OSP Notes – displays all related OSP Notes; this information displays only in SPAERC
  • Comments – displays the comments from OSP, when they returen a request, and from campus, when they resubmit the returned request.
  • Assignment Change – displays changes to the OSP Assigned To value
  • Contact Change – displays changes to the UW or Subrecipient contacts; only appears in the “All” events section on the Overview page
  • Attachment Change – displays added, updated and deleted files

When on the Overview page, you can also select a specific request from the Request ID drop-down menu to limit the events list to changes for just that item.

For each event or comment, the information shown includes

  • Event Type, such as Status Change
  • Subaward number (SC) or Subaward Request number (SA)
  • Person who made the change
  • Date and time of the change
  • System generated description of the change
  • Comments from OSP and campus about a returned and resubmitted request

May 2016 Subawards Release 1

The new Subawards section in SAGE marks a change in both business process and system usage.

Former State:

  • All subaward intake actions managed through Ariba

New State:

  • Subaward intake initiates through SAGE, provides OSP the ability to issue agreements at an earlier stage
  • Procurement setup & invoicing for subawards continues to initiate through Ariba

An Outgoing Subaward Workflow Diagram is available for your reference.

New in SAGE: Subawards

For this initial release, the following new capabilities and features are available to campus users through SAGE:

  • A new SUBAWARDS tab

new subawards tab in sage

  • Create a new subaward request and submit to OSP
  • Create a new modification request and submit to OSP
  • Search/View subaward requests and current status from My Subawards tasklist
  • View a detailed summary of all subaward modification history
  • Help documentation available through the “?” icons

Important ASTRA Permissions

Users must have the “SAGE Subaward Preparer” role to create new subaward and modification requests. ASTRA: Who Can Authorize me?

Outgoing Subaward Resources

Upcoming Releases

Over the next few months additional releases will provide other functionality, such as:

  • returns and resubmit capability
  • visibility to OSP comments and hold details

Based on your feedback, enhancements will be prioritized following this initial release.

On the Subaward Overview page, you can update the Subaward Contacts:

  • UW PI
  • Subaward Preparer
  • Financial Contact
  • Subrecipient PI
  • Subrecipient Contact

By default, this accordion section is collapsed. You can expand it by selecting the V-shaped “chevron” at the far right of the section title. Clicking the rotated chevron will re-collapse the section.

subaward contacts

 UW Contacts

The Subaward Preparer is the person who created the Subaward. You can update this entry.

The UW Principal Investigator name, email and phone automatically populate from the selected application.

You may change any of the UW contacts (UW PI, Subaward Preparer, or Financial Contact) by selecting the appropriate “change” link. It will open the standard Personnel Chooser. Search for and select a person. The email and phone fields will auto-populate, and are editable.

Subrecipient Contacts

You can edit the Subrecipient PI’s name, email and phone along with the Subrecipient Contact name, email and the Contact notes.