Access, Authorization, General

Why am I getting this email notification?

Depending on your association with an eGC1 application as it is approved, and possibly awarded, you may receive a number of different email notifications.

Email notifications are sent from various parts of the SAGE Suite. Follow the links to handy charts of who receives what, when and why.

  • SAGE – used by PIs and research administrators.
  • FIDS – used by investigators.
  • SPACRC – used by OSP.
  • SERA – used by GCA.
I’m new to using SAGE. How do I get started?

Welcome!  Here are some links to help you learn about SAGE.

  • The Welcome to SAGE page will give you an overview and point you to lots of resources.
  • Visit the CORE page for information on training, resources and learning in research administration at the UW.
  • To read about SAGE course offerings or to see what courses are available for registration, go to: https://uwresearch.gosignmeup.com/
How can non-UW employees access and use SAGE?

All SAGE users must have a UW NetID and a UW email account. UW departments/divisions may obtain sponsored UW NetIDs for people who do not have them, such as new hires.

UW departments will also need to authorize access by assigning the appropriate SAGE roles in ASTRA.

Note: Email notifications generated by the SAGE approvals process are generally sent to a user’s UW netid@uw.edu email address. This email can be forwarded to another account for your convenience.

How do I get authorization to use SAGE, and how long will it take?

In order to access SAGE, permission must be given via ASTRA (Access to Systems, Tools, Resources, and Applications) which provides Web-based management of authority for UW administrative applications.

Ask your local ASTRA administrator to authorize the appropriate SAGE ASTRA Roles for you. If you try to log in to SAGE without an authorized role, SAGE will display a link to ASTRA so you can check your current roles.

ASTRA authorizations generally take effect within 30 minutes. If you are already logged into SAGE, log out and then log back in again to pick up your new authorizations.

What are the computer and browser requirements for SAGE?

SAGE has been designed to work on any standards-compliant Web browser. The following sections list the support for specific browsers.

Officially Supported Browsers
Browsers on which ORIS regularly tests new releases and will fix related bugs when discovered or reported.

Browser Versions Supported OSes Notes
Chrome latest & latest-1 MS Windows (7, 8, & 10)
Mac OS X

Limited Support
Browsers on which ORIS performs limited testing prior to release and will fix related, serious bugs when discovered or reported.

Browser Versions Supported OSes Notes
Firefox latest & latest -1 MS Windows (7, 8, & 10)
Mac OS X
MS Internet Explorer 10 & 11 MS Windows (7, 8, & 10) Only with compatibility mode turned off

Browsers on which ORIS does not test and will not fix related bugs.

  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or older
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions with compatibility mode turned on
  • All other browsers not listed under “Officially Supported” or “Limited Support”